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How to cool off and increase SPF in Stranded Deep

When you’re stranded in the middle of multiple islands, food and water are your top priority, so you can expect to spend the first few hours trying to learn how to acquire them in Stranded Deep. Another factor that you need to consider is that the scorching sun slowly cooks you alive. You’ll need to spend some time cooling down and trying to keep your SPF from getting too high, but what you can do to cool off isn’t immediately obvious.

You can check your SPF indicator on your watch. This will be the last item on the small list.

How to cool off and increase SPF

You can tell when your character starts cooking in the sun when you hear the sizzling sound, and your character starts to do a little “Ow, ow!” ” sounds. When that happens, the quick and easy way to save yourself from taking additional damage is to escape under some trees and cool yourself down. When you check your watch you will probably see that the SPF meter is completely gone, but if you wait long enough under the trees you will see the meter slowly starting to rise. The downside is that it takes forever to calm down this way.

A faster way to cool off is to jump straight into the water on the island you’re trying to survive on. You can’t just have your character standing knee-deep in the water. Instead, you should submerge them completely in water until you see a blue indicator on the bottom part of your screen. This blue part represents how much air they have left, and if it hits zero they start taking damage, so be sure to pop your head out before that happens. Once they’ve reached the top and the bar has cleared, dive right back into the water and the breathing meter should be full again. You’ll want to be careful when driving straight, as there are predators lurking in the waters.

You can also try to use resources on an island to help you. One recipe you’ll want to learn is aloe ointment, and you can use it to prevent heatstroke. You will need to harvest an aloe vera plant and make a coconut vial. The vial requires you to tie up and use a regular coconut, which has not been opened. Once you have these two items, combine them in your inventory, and Aloe Salva will make you immune to the effects of the sun for a short time. You can just eat an aloe plant to cool off.

Although overheating is an annoying management tool, there are several ways around it. Plus, when it gets dark, you won’t have to worry about the SPF meter anymore.

In Stranded Deep, players can use a number of different controls; here you will find all these commands and how to use them.

How to use commands in Stranded Deep

To use a command in the Stranded Deep survival game, players need to press the key to open the developer console. After that, players will be able to type any of the following commands and activate it by tapping and pressing enter in this console.

All the tips and commands in Stranded Deep

  • system – This command will display information about your system, such as the operating system and details of your graphics card.
  • option list – Displays the current graphics settings you have defined.
  • fps (true / false) – Enables or disables an fps counter.
  • dev.capturemode (true / false) – Enable / disable game capture mode – this can record video somewhere on your desktop.
  • dev.components.camera.reflections (true / false) – Toggles lighting settings related to in-game fog
  • dev.log.clear – Clears the developer console log.
  • dev.log.dump – If you enter this, a copy of the developer log will be posted to% DESKTOP% Log.txt on your computer.
  • dev.log.view – Displays the developer log in the game console.
  • help list – Lists all the commands available in the console.
  • help (command name) – Displays a help page for a specific command in the console.
  • clear – Clears the console from command history.
  • dev.console true – Allows you to generate items from a development menu.
  • dev.god – Activates a flight mode, where the player can use run and crouch to speed up and slow down.
  • dev.time 0-24 – Allows players to set the time of day.

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Stranded Deep tips for getting free items and more (console commands)

Don’t miss our Stranded Deep tips and learn with our guide the best tips and strategies to get free items, use God mode and more

Stranded Deep is a challenging survival game set in the Pacific Ocean, which requires players to fight for survival on an island. Although the game is relatively straightforward, gamers can take advantage of the game developer’s console controls to adjust the game to their liking. While most of the controls are based on changes to the graphics, there are a few controls to make the game a lot easier.

Basic commands

To access the Developer Console first, press (). When you type a command, you can type “true” or “false” to activate it. You can also type the same command twice to turn it on or off. Here is the list of game controls:

  • fps (True / False): affiche FPS
  • dev.time (0-24): this allows players to change the time of day
  • help list: displays the commands you can use
  • help (command): describes a specific command
  • clear: clears the command history
  • dev.log.dump: create a log on your desktop
  • dev.log.view: displays the player’s login on the console
  • dev.log.clear: clears the console log
  • dev.components.camera.reflections (True / False) – Sets the fog display
  • dev.god – allows players to fly and take no damage, players will take fall damage if they are too high when disabled
  • dev.console (True / False) – Opens the test menu, allowing you to generate items.

Free items at Stranded Deep

Once the player activates the “dev.console true” command, it will put players into developer mode. In this mode, press the “/” key to open the item generation menu. From here you can easily craft any item in the game. This also has a quick button to activate Fly mode or God mode.

These are the Stranded Deep cheats and learn with the best tips and to get free items use god mode, flight mode and more. If you have any questions, don’t forget to post them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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You are a plane crash survivor, lost in the Pacific Ocean. You will need to survive, discover yourself, and collect resources.

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PAGE DE DOWNLOAD Stranded Deep (0.51.0+ (DX11 64-BIT) / +0)

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Resistance
  • Infinite Breath
  • Sleep, Calories, and Fluids
  • Easy construction
  • Flight Mode
  • Super Fast Running Speed
  • Super Swimming Speed
  • Super Jumps
  • A condition of the Infinity of Objects
  • Salval Game
  • Super Pity
  • Set Day and Night