Guild Wars was launched in 2005 and even has a sequence full of news in relation to the original title, but the fact that the game that gave rise to the series continues in the hearts of many players and with its life bar reasonably loaded (understand: with active servers). Because of this, ArenaNet announced that it will provide an update for the game.

The producer announced that the update in question will be released to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the game, and will not bring very big things. According to the Massivelyop website, the inclusion of The Aurgur of Kornir clothing in the game store, some clock options and other small news.

Extra life

Remember that the game’s support page has not received any updates since 2013, but it was updated again in February this year. So, it comes as a surprise to see an update for the game at this point in the championship, given that much of ArenaNet’s efforts have turned to Guild Wars 2 in recent years.

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