Guitar Hero 3 he may even have 13 years on his back, but still today there are still many players who continue to compete, trying to beat the world records of the various songs. One of those records, undefeated since time immemorial, has finally been broken.

Just yesterday, the youtuber GH Addict succeeded in a feat deemed impossible, showing his results in a video: the virtual musician had tried his hand at the extremely difficult song Through the Fire and the Flames, known by all Guitar Hero players for its complexity.

The record was achieved by playing on Expert difficulty and finishing with a multiplier of 165%. You can admire this effort in the video at the bottom of the news.

Impossible not to notice the visible tension on his face and palpable excitement as he approached the end of the song. Equally notable is the absurd speed of the notes to be pressed and the relative reaction speed of the player, a skill undoubtedly the result of hundreds and hundreds of tests.

In short, congratulations to GH Addict, but basically we should have expected it: his channel is full of other videos dedicated to Guitar Hero, which testify to his incredible skill.

What do you think? Would you ever be able to replicate this result?

Source: VG247