H1Z1 will change its name on PC and will be called Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 continues to try to improve and reach as many players as possible. After his success on consoles and the confirmation of your arrival to mobile devices a new change is coming. And is that Daybreak Game Company (game developer) has confirmed their next move on the platform PcH1Z1 will change its name and will be renamed Z1 Battle Royale.

H1Z1 will be renamed Z1 Battle Royale on PC

A new development team for H1Z1 recently came to Daybreak Game Company with the objective of improve the experience of the game in all its aspects and platforms. Therefore, after the elimination of its multiplayer and survival mode, the new team focuses only on making a “face wash” to the game.

With the Battle Royale as the only game mode, the developer has confirmed through Steam what H1Z1 will be renamed on the PC platform “Z1 Battle Royale”. This is considered by the developers “the first great move of the transition”.

Without a doubt, the intention on the part of the development team to improve the game and give it a new look are total. Further, It is surprising that this great move is made on the PC platformas that is where the game record your worst numbers. It seems that one of his main objectives It’s of reunite a large audience also on this platform.

Now alone it remains to be seen if this change in the name will also come to the version of PlayStation 4 and those of mobile (when available). At the moment, what we know for sure is that the name change on PC will come next to patch 1.0 of the game. Here we leave you the other changes and corrections that it will include.

What do you think about this H1Z1 “facelift”? Do you like the way Z1 Battle Royale sounds? We read you in the comments!