Ever since hackers found a way to install homebrews on the Nintendo Switch, the console’s emulation and customization scene has been booming. The newest example of this is a programmer who managed to compile an emulator of the first Xbox on Nintendo’s video game and run some games on it.

The hacker Voxel9 published a video showing the XQEMU emulator, from the first Xbox, on the Nintendo Switch. The video starts with the emulator being compiled on the Linux operating system, installed on the console through loopholes in its code. Then the Xbox menu is displayed, as well as some installed games. Among the titles they run are Halo: Combat Evolved and Jet Set Radio Future.

Halo runs with a very low frame rate, not least because the emulation of the first Xbox is still quite unstable, but it is a miracle that the emulator does not crash when running the game. Jet Set Radio Future is displayed with the accelerated image, as it runs so slow on the emulator on the Switch that it is almost impossible to play.

In the video description, Voxel9 confirms that he installed the emulator on Linux instead of the console’s operating system, Horizon. Another element that draws attention is that he does not use Joy-cons to play games, instead using a DualShock 4 connected via Bluetooth. So, take into consideration the real mess that this video is, since it is running an Xbox game, on a Linux operating system, inside a Nintendo Switch, using a PlayStation 4 controller.

At the end of 2018, developers of the RetroArch mega emulator revealed that they managed to create an unlocked version of the Nintendo Switch program, thus opening the door to emulation of various consoles on it, such as NES, SNES, Mega Drive, PS1, among others.

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