Those who are eager to check out what Halo: Infinite has to offer will certainly like the news that 343 Industries recently released on its official blog, all of which refer to the game’s beta test period, which will happen first on Xbox One.

According to the message, the test of the next title in the Halo series will feature LAN support, as well as a split screen gambling option – something that, in the words of 343 Industries, is already “ready and running”. Another detail is the fact that all the characters will have black clothes under the armor (different from what happened in previous games, where there were some color options).

In stages

The producer also stressed that the test will start on Xbox One as something small to expand little by little as time goes by. The idea is that until next year a large number of players will have the opportunity to not only experience what the title has to offer, but also to contribute to the development of the game.

Finally, it was also said that Halo: Infinite will feature customization options for the armor, as well as the fact that those who reached SR 152 level in Halo 5 will receive a gift as a way of recognizing the new game and that the developers have a team of professional players testing the game right now.

Halo: Infinite is scheduled to arrive in late 2020 on Xbox One, PC and the upcoming Project Scarlett (this one as a launch title.