Halo Infinite: Sandbox launch content is ready – now we’re fine-tuning for 343

  • Halo Infinite is almost ready to launch, says 343 Industries
  • Until the release, the studio will work on the bug fixes so that you can get a largely bug-free game
  • The title will be released in autumn 2021 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC

Microsoft’s development studio 343 Industries announced that all sandbox content that should be delivered for the launch has now been implemented. All that’s left to do now is to put the game through its paces and fix bugs, bugs, and other issues so that there aren’t any major issues at release.

We’ve all seen what can happen if a studio doesn’t take this step seriously enough, haven’t we, CD Projekt?

In the January Infinity Update, 343 announced that the contents of the new Halo title were already 90% complete. In the coming months, the studio will focus on troubleshooting.

“Everyone is handling bugs in our launch content, and there is some exciting work to be done for future updates – like new vehicles, equipment, etc. But we’re also testing tons of things and looking for ways to polish and improve everything. All of our launch Content is in-game and played on a daily basis, but it takes a lot of effort to get anything from 90% to 100%, “says lead sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo.

“So we’re working hard to fix bugs and fine-tune our toys to be in good shape as we get closer to launch (and the pre-public test). Additionally, we take the time to look at certain sandboxes Evaluating items to make sure everything looks the way the art directors envisioned it, so some sandbox items that we’ve already shown may get a facelift here and there when you get them back look.”

The next part of the shooter series was originally supposed to be released for Xbox and PC in November of last year, but, like so many other titles, did not manage to meet the deadline. The title will only be allowed to enter the gaming stage in autumn 2021 and hopefully knock off the audience’s socks with its action-packed show.

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