Halo Infinite should not be shown at the Game Awards 2020

343 Industries talks about Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite was supposed to be released along with Xbox Series X and Series S. Although it will be a title between generations, it is one of the main titles to attract people to the new Microsoft consoles. Unfortunately the game was unexpectedly postponed until next year.

In response to a question on official Reddit, an employee at 343 Industries confirmed that there are no plans for the game to be presented at The Game Awards 2020. With the new timeline, it is simply not likely or possible to appear a trailer or demo would be viable in this new schedule. He says he hopes to give a “high-level” update in the coming weeks, but he also seems to indicate that this will not happen before the holidays.

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“At the moment, we’re still going through a huge cascade of implications and ramifications for the release change and the team is working on almost every facet of the game. We have nothing planned for VGAs, but we hope to offer at least a high-level update in the coming weeks so that we can restart this journey together after the holidays. Putting together something like a demo or big beat for VGAs is a huge amount of work and would cause challenges with the current vacation milestones. I know it’s hard to wait, but the team will make the most of that extra time and we want to make sure that we do our best and commit to greater transparency and dialogue on the road ahead. Let’s get there and get the train moving again. “

The Game Awards 2020 has been confirmed to take place this year on December 10th. The launch of Halo Infinite is still scheduled for 2021, but at the moment there is no specific deadline for when this occurs.

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