Halo Infinite will be released in the fall of 2021

Developer 343 Industries announces the release of Halo Infinite is being postponed to fall 2021. Halo Infnite was normally intended as a launch game for the Xbox Series X | S, but the game is now a year later than originally planned.

For the delay, the developer refers to the negative reactions to the first Halo Infinite gameplay footage shown in July of this year. Those responses were ‘the signal for 343 Industries that more time is needed to do everything right’.

For example, the graphics will be thoroughly overhauled and in the coming months the game will receive ‘better indirect light, better rendering of leaves, trees and clouds, and more qualitative details and character fidelity’.

In the blog post, 343 Industries also reveals new details about the Halo Infinite multiplayer. It will be free-to-play, but according to the developer it will not contain any loot boxes. “We don’t want randomness or items that impact gameplay,” said 343 employee Chris Blohm.

Finally, the developer promises regular updates on the state of the game. In the coming months, fans can expect frequent Insider Infinite posts explaining what the studio is doing and why certain changes are coming.