Happy Birthday: Doom turns 25 today!

The game that started so many turns 25 today: Doom.

The most infamous and perhaps most influential game ever appeared on MS-DOS originally on December 10, 1993 to take the world by storm. We thought it was worth reporting.

In line with this, an old friend has reported back: John Romero, who wants to announce his new game today.

In an email to fans that was uploaded to Imgur (thanks, PC Gamer), Romero Games speaks under a Doom logo of a new game that has just been completed and that will soon be available for pre-order.

Strangely enough, the teaser text above it says “Prepare to 5”, while the letter itself says something about “to celebrate the momentous moment”, which has now encouraged fans to speculate that Romero might have developed a fifth episode for the first Doom. I have no idea how that should work legally, because they are known to be at Bethesda.

Credit: https://imgur.com/jGQlrzE

“Doom came out 25 years ago on December 10th,” it says.

“To celebrate this momentous moment, Romero Games will be announcing pre-orders for a project that John has just completed.”

“If you followed John’s Instagram, you might have seen the clues. What looked like a countdown to Doom’s birthday suddenly became mysterious.

“On Monday you will receive an email announcing the project and you will have the opportunity to pre-order it.”

A fifth episode of the original would be a nice idea in any case, but I can’t imagine the business deal that would have had to happen here for something like this to happen. We will keep you up to date.

Something different and back to Doom 1: What is your best memory of the game, should you have experienced it back then? I remember exactly how bad I felt about the “swell” when I ran through the 3D corridors for the first time, which didn’t stop me from dreaming about it day and night.