Harvest is a new addition to Path of Exile

PoE expansion: Harvest will debut this month.

  • PC premiere: June 19.
  • Premiere on PS4 and XONE: June 22-29.
  • The add-on will introduce a virtual garden in which we will plant seeds. They will grow into monsters, defeating them will provide you with valuable resources.
  • Harvest will also offer new skills, items and bosses.
  • There will be improvements to many mechanisms.
  • The patch will also bring a new renderer under Vulkana.
  • Grinding Gear Games studio it announced another addition to Path of Exile, a popular action RPG based on a free model with micropayments. The extension was entitled Harvest and traditionally, it will be made available for free as part of an update. The patch will debut on PC on June 19 this year. Console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released a few days later, in the week starting on June 22.

    In the next expansion for PoE, players will meet a new character named Oshabi for whom they will collect seeds to plant in the Sacred Grove Garden. Some of them will grow by themselves over time, while others will require raw materials obtained from simpler plants.

    We will collect the seeds themselves in other locations in the game world. Finding a chest filled with them will move the time in the garden one unit forward. Each seedling will be assigned to a specific type of monster. When it’s time to harvest, we will be forced to fight the beast. Defeating it will provide us with access to unique resources and life energy. Both of these elements will be used to create new powerful items.

    The more enemies attack us simultaneously, the more resources and life energy we will accumulate. Therefore, players will have to properly balance the threat level with potential rewards. The whole system will be developed in the style known from economic strategies. So we spend a lot of time carefully planning our garden and improving its elements. The ultimate goal is to breed the three legendary Sacred Grove beasts.

    Harvest will also bring a major overhaul of the Passive PoE capability systemwhich will be greatly improved and enriched with new elements. We can also expect improvements to the combat system as well as additional skills and items. In addition, the previously introduced Dellirium and Cluster Jewels mechanics will be extended to the entire game. The update will also offer a new renderer developed with Vulkan libraries in mind.

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