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Harvestella announced on Nintendo Switch and PC, a mix of Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley?

Harvestella announced on Nintendo Switch and PC, a mix of Final Fantasy and Stardew Valley?

The creators of Final Fantasy have announced Harvestella for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam), a Stardew Valley-style farming simulation video game, but with one notable difference: it also features role-playing elements. This is a fantastic new production in which players must manage the farm and defend it, while forming friendships with other allies.

Harvestella’s story begins in Lethe, a quiet village where the seasons pass slowly. The environment changes depending on spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so farm and crop management also has a lot to do with the season itself. However, between each of them there is an intermediate station known as stillness, the station of death. During this period, it is almost impossible to go out. As if that were not enough, it is said that every year it gets longer and longer.

Harvest, friends and fight

The fate of the village depends on each of the players, who will have to overcome the immobility and try to ensure that their crops survive. Vegetables and fruits can be grown, sold or used to make different recipes. The resulting food is used to temporarily improve attributes, increase HP, etc. As if that weren’t enough, the player will encounter different allies, each with their own story.

As we expected, Harverstella implements a combat system that is directly inspired by Japanese role-playing games. Square Enix has confirmed a work system similar to that of Final Fantasy or Bravely Default, so it will be possible to develop new skills and powers depending on the character class we choose to be.

Harvestella is planned exclusively for Nintendo Switch on console, although it will also be released on PC (Steam). If nothing changes, it will hit stores on November 4 on both platforms.

Square Enix announces Harvestella, a mix of RPG and life simulation

Harvestella will take you to the village of Lèthe, the place of your new life which will combine adventures and agricultural work. Like titles of the same genre, it will be a question of cultivating your plot of land over the seasons in order to harvest different crops. To improve your tools and expand your horizons (by concocting cooking recipes, for example), you will have to face various monsters outside the town to find a whole lot of materials.

The title will also offer a social dimension since you will be able to get to know the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and villages, then forge links. Apart from this simple and peaceful life, it will also be necessary to face an intrigue involving a mysterious phenomenon interrupting the cycle of the seasons: the Quietus.

Although it doesn’t look very elaborate graphically, Harvestella seems to have a pretty cute art direction. Certainly a future piece of choice for Rune Factory enthusiasts who have nothing left in their mouths.

Harvestella will be released on November 11. on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam

Harvestella release date, when is the game coming out?

Harvestella, what is it?

Harvestella takes place on a planet where the four seasons follow each other until the arrival of a new threatening and deadly season called Quietus. In this game, you will play as a character who passes out in a remote village and is rescued by Aria, a visitor from the future who investigates the mysteries of this unwelcome new season. During your adventure, you will be able to farm, fish or raise cattle in this life simulation RPG. You will also be able to go to town to chat with the inhabitants, explore dungeons or even face monsters. Obviously, each activity consumes time and every 30 days the game changes seasons until it reaches Quietus.

What is Harvestella? Release dates, gameplay and more!

When is Harvestella coming out?

Harvestella will be officially released for players on November 4, 2022. There doesn’t seem to be any discrepancy between platforms or different countries when it comes to the release date, so this is most likely the only real date. Release. There has been no news regarding the release of a beta or other early access to the game.

What platforms will Harvestella be available on?

Square Enix has confirmed in its trailer that Harvestella will be playable on Nintendo Switch and Steam on PC. So far, there seems to only be confirmation for Switch and PC. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it to be available on other consoles, just that it hasn’t been confirmed for any others. That being said, it’s likely that Harvestella will only release on Switch and PC, as that’s historically something Square Enix has chosen to do with other titles.

It’s understandable to wonder if Harvestella has any connection to the Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix’s most popular game series. There doesn’t appear to be any real connection between the stories or worlds of Final Fantasy and Harvestella. What may have led to this idea is that the concept art for Harvestella is done by one of the artists who worked on Final Fantasy XII, Isamu Kamikokuryo.

Can you pre-order Harvestella?

Harvestella can be pre-ordered through Steam for PC players, once the Steam Store page is officially set up for Harvestella. Square Enix doesn’t currently plan to pre-order the digital Nintendo Switch version of the game, but it looks like the Nintendo Switch physical edition from retailers may have a pre-order available as the release gets closer.

What is Harvestella about?

Harvestella is an RPG game set in a fantasy world where the balance of seasons is created by the benevolent seasonal forces of Seaslight. You are playing the game at a time when this balance is threatened by the introduction of the dark new season called Quietus. As Quietus begins to weigh more and more on the world, you will try to develop agriculture, interact with villagers and even complete dangerous quests in order to help the land prosper again. Since this is a life simulation RPG, you will have a variety of jobs to choose from – Fighter, Mage, Shadow Walker.