Fortnite will soon not only be playable on your PC or console, as toy manufacturer Hasbro will translate Epic’s multiplayer hit into a Monopoly board game and a series of Nerf guns. Hasbro informed IGN that the board game should be in stores on October 1. The Nerf pistols are only known for a release in 2019.

Hasbro will release a Monopoly Fortnite edition and a line of Fortnite Nerf blasters. The toy giant announced this news to IGN. The classic party game in which you can help your friends or family members into the abyss financially, will be given a Fortnite jacket and contain a ‘battle-building twist’.

In addition to the board game, Hasbro will be releasing a Nerf N-Strike line based on the Battle Royale hit. The foam dart guns will likely take the form of signature weapons in Fortnite. Hasbro said the toy guns will “get fans swept up in the game’s player-versus-player action,” and the Nerf weapons will “be a real treat for fans wishing to use their favorite Fortnite weapons.” Uh, in a child-friendly way of course …

It is not yet known whether the Monopoly version of Fortnite will also come to the Netherlands in a noticeable time, both Hasbro Netherlands and toy chain Intertoys were not available for a response. Also about the Nerf line is missing all information about a Dutch release. Anyway, the idea of ​​a tycoon board game based on a 3rd person battle royale game is a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

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