HD Photo plugins for Adobe Photoshop, now also on Mac

Microsoft just released a version Updated beta of HD Photo plugins for Adobe Photoshop, and this time it has done so for Windows Vista and XP as (for the first time) for Mac OS X.

The news focuses on interface improvements such as the redesign of the dialog box to separate the basic controls from the advanced ones, the one that these remember their state since the last time we used them, or that the pixel format control only shows the options compatible with the image mode that we are using in Photoshop. Other changes include a overall performance improvement and memory management, as well as the correction of various bugs detected in the previous beta.

HD Photo (formerly known as Windows Media Photo) is the new image format developed by Microsoft to try to replace the JPEG. Its weapons are higher image quality, preservation of dynamic range, lossy or lossless compression that doubles the capacity of JPEG (which translates into files with half the size while still being a less destructive algorithm) and support of a wide range. of pixel formats.