He died Max Von Sydow, an actor in Star Wars and the Battle of the Thrones

At the age of 90, the acting legend, who has been on the field for more than seventy years, left us here.

Max Von Sydow ‘s family announced that the two-time Oscar-nominated Swedish-born the actor passed away on March 8, the day before yesterday. The sad news was also confirmed by his wife, Catherine von Sydow, who worked as a producer, with whom she was married in 1997.

Sydow has played continuously in films and series since 1949. He was featured in the 1980 Flash Gordon as Emperor of Ming, Conan in ’82, in the barbarian as King Osric, in the first and second parts of The Exorcist. Father Merrin, but he also appeared in series such as the Tudors (Cardinal Von Waldburg) or just the Battle of the Thrones (Three-Eyed Raven). In the world of Star Wars, he was assigned the role of Lor San Tekka, a character he not only played in the 2015 Awakening Force, but also lent him his voice in the Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. We last met him in Kursk in 2018, but we’ll still see him in Echoes of the Past, which is currently being post-production.

Max Von Sydow lived 90 years. Rest in peace.