Heavy Rain Walkthrough (PS4): All Endings and How to Unlock Them

Now is Heavy rain admittedly not a tough game that you absolutely have to play for complete solution would need. The case of the origami killer does not draw its claim from playfully tricky passages, but from the fact that each of your decisions can have serious consequences. Given a wrong answer? Whoops, a character can be irrevocably carried away. Doesn’t have to be.

For this reason you can find in our Heavy rain solution detailed descriptions for all ends and learn how you can accomplish the feat that all characters survive. The macabre natures among you will of course also find all possible deaths of the characters in this guide.


This side: All characters survive

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Save Ethan Mars

Ethan is the father of Shaun, who was brought to the brink of collapse by guilt over the accidental death of his older son Jason. He can die in four places in the game trying to save his younger son, Shaun, from the origami killer. He only dies three of the deaths in the credits when his story has taken one of the various bad endings.

The only moment Ethan can die while the game is in progress is in the final chapter, “The Old Warehouse”. Whether he dies depends on the constellation of the characters: if Madison dies before this chapter, or if she reaches the warehouse, but it does If she does not manage to get to Ethan, the police will shoot Ethan. If Madison survives all the previous chapters and reaches the warehouse, she has to evade the police and use her motorcycle to overcome the police line. If you fail at this quick-time event, Madison is arrested and if Ethan opens the warehouse doors after rescuing his son, the police will shoot him down.

The other deaths of Ethan take place in the epilogue and are therefore the result of your playing style. You can read more about them in our article Heavy Rain: Unlocking All Endings, Part 1: Ethan Mars and Madison Paige.

Rescue Norman Jayden

FBI investigator and triptocaine junkie Norman can die in five scenes, one of which is one of his epilogues see Heavy Rain: Unlocking All Endings, Part 2: Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby. In the other four you can actively avoid your death. You can find out how to do this in the following:

In the Mad Jack chapter, Norman can die by losing several QTEs in the battle against the auto mechanic. He can be beaten to death with a piece of metal, crushed by the scrap press in his car, and run over by the bulldozer. Many of Mad Jack’s punches and kicks are also fatal. How to avoid this is self-explanatory in every scene: Follow the instructions on the screen – and in good time. Another, quite sudden death can overtake him in the chapter “The Aquarium”. The origami killers are hidden behind the door and can stab him with a sword if you don’t react quickly enough.

In “The Riddle’s Solution”, Norman can die if you use ARI for more than ten minutes to solve the case. In the big showdown in “The Old Warehouse” he can be killed in several places by Scott Shelby. Especially when fighting on the treadmill above the scrap chopper, there is a QTE: If Jayden is on his back and Scott throws a heavy object at him, you have to react with lightning speed. Furthermore, Norman can be strangled or beaten to death by Scott with various objects if you do not react well enough with him in the quick-time event fight.

Our complete heavy rain solution won’t leave you out in the rain. (Sorry, it had to be.)

Rescue Madison Paige

Reporter Madison Paige can die in three scenes in Heavy Rain. Actually four, if you include your introductory dream sequence. Since this death is only imagined and has no further effect on the rest of the game, it doesn’t really count. The first thing to do is when she visits the insane hobby doctor in the chapter “The Doc”. The scene is one of the more difficult QTEs. So if you want to make sure Madison survives, you turn down the doctor’s drink. When he goes to get your recipe, you can move around freely and find the Blue Lagoon’s business card in his bedroom. Nothing else interests you at this point. If you are fast and quiet enough, you can even leave the house unmolested at this point.

If you are unlucky, the doc overwhelms you and you wake up tied up on his torture table in the basement. Ringing the doorbell gives you the chance to free Madison from her bonds. There is enough hot stuff lying around. Depending on how you do in the QTE fight after the Doc’s return, Madison either dies or plays dead. If she just plays dead, you have the chance to kill him with the drill afterwards. You will then find the Blue Lagoon map automatically.

Madison can also die in “The Killer’s Apartment” when the fire breaks out after she has found the address of the warehouse on the computer (the computer password is “Max”). When Scott locks you in the secret room, you check the wall and finally break it down with the blue device from the desk by following the on-screen instructions. Climb through the hole into the bathroom, open the door to the living room and jump over the flames by killing the QTE. Then you knock over the white filing cabinet, climb up and jump from there onto the coffee table.

If you fall, you roll around on the ground to put out the flames. Then through the door into the kitchen. Here you move the microwave to the side and open the left window. Get out on the ledge and jump into the open window below you and into the stairwell before the gas explodes. If you take too long, or if you mess up too many QTEs, you can burn yourself, suffocate in the smoke or die jumping out the window.

The last scene in which Madison can die is of course the finale in “The Old Warehouse”. Scott Shelby has several opportunities here to triumph over her in the QTE. Various falls to death or different variants of being impaled await the good guys here, unless of course Jayden is the one who duels with Scott. With a little skill, Madison can be saved here. Much easier than Jayden, by the way.

Scott Shelby

The twist isn’t bad in itself. It’s just that David Cage isn’t playing fair in this case because we just don’t see certain moments that could expose Scott. To this day, many have not forgiven the game for the scene in the watch shop. And all of Scott’s inducement to get involved in the case is a bit fishy, ​​too. After all, his motivation is quite fascinating. But good. It is the way it is – and Scott is the origami killer. This also means that the first time he can only die in the grand finale in “The Old Warehouse” – at the player’s hand. If you do everything right in the QTE battle, the misguided child killer will come to an appropriately miserable end.

Another death can overtake Scott in the epilogue. Read our article Heavy Rain: Unlocking All Endings, Part 2: Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby.

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