Hello Games reveals what’s coming after No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is still working hard to make No Man’s Sky more and more the game that was originally promised with comprehensive updates, but that doesn’t stop the British from working on another project.

It seems the Guildford is no longer a micro-studio – No Man’s Sky famously began as a four-man project – but has expanded. Steven Burgess and Chris Symonds work for her on The Last Campfire.

In case you don’t know them, one of their works may tell you something: Lost Winds, which they made for the elite creators of Frontier and which enjoyed great popularity on the Wii.

According to Hello Games, The Last Campfire is about “a lost spark in a confusing place, searching for meaning and a way home.” Sounds pretty indie. Looks like Lost Winds in terms of style, even if it is more likely to be in the action-adventure direction. The English have once again chosen the music in the trailer excellently and goes well with the “beautiful wilderness full of lost souls, strange creatures and mysterious ruins.”

Hello Games names Journey, The Witness and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons as influences, even if The Last Campfire is supposed to be “his own game”.

But don’t expect a full-length project. The developer calls it Hello Games Short, as in “short film”. “Like Pixar shorts, this is meant to be a way of nurturing creativity and new voices in the studio. Before No Man’s Sky, we started with Joe Danger and we wanted to give others the opportunity to do the same.”

When the game comes is not out yet. After all, there’s already a Steam site.