Faithful to the equestrian heritage of the house, a playful and complicit universe invites itself on the dial of the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8. Its colors change according to the desires and the movement of the wrist.

At 10.10 am, the hands give the illusion of resting on the horse’s head, like a harness. The dial also has its share of surprises! In sleep mode, it takes on nocturnal tints, and the horse’s eye closes; expression of a knowing wink or an invitation to rest…

This fall, straps and dials are inspired by the house’s equestrian world to lightly adorn the Apple Watch Hermès Series 8.

Gourmette bracelet, double turn, double game This season the Gourmette bracelet is reinterpreted with audacity: leather is combined with a metal chain inspired by equestrian bracelets.

This steel curb chain, soldered and polished by hand, extends the leather strap and thus gives the double wrap bracelet a very assertive harness style. The all-leather Gourmette bracelet is now available in a matte black version.

H Diagonal bracelet, an invitation to movement

The oblique H motif, born in the 1970s, has been reinterpreted over time through the house’s collections. Here, on a leather strap, it takes shape thanks to a subtle interplay of 1,300 perforations made one by one, with a high degree of precision. It breathes the spirit of sport and invites movement. In Swift calfskin, it is available in gold and Meyer gray associated with the stainless steel case, and in blue of France and copper associated with the space black case.