The eighth season of Game of Thrones has finally arrived and brought winter and a cool new dynamic theme to the PlayStation 4 (and 10 more Game of Thrones avatars). If you’re interested in decorating your PS4 system with something from the series, we’ll explain how you can get yours.

Unlike the free dynamic themes that we normally see, there are a few steps beyond just entering the PlayStation Store and downloading it. To get it, you need to log into this PlayStation Vue website, log in with your PSN account and watch a one-minute video.

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After the video finishes, just click on “Redeem Here” and you will have acquired your dynamic Game of Thrones theme for PS4. Now, just download it on your console and enjoy the cool look of one of the dragons in the series. The cool thing is that after purchasing it, you also get ten more avatar icons for your PSN account free of charge. If you want even more, there are other videos that unlock 13 more avatars and icons from Game of Thrones houses.

So, did you like it? It’s always good to get free themes and avatars, especially Game of Thrones. It is worth remembering that the theme is dynamic, that is, better than the common static themes.

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