Heyzap, a social network about Android games on your mobile

Heyzap is a social network Over the android platform games. It works in a similar way to how social networks do on television or film series (like Miso). The goal is to discover and play many games, comment on them, and rate them. Add friends to discover news or reviews of them and vice versa.

Something that is already very common in this type of social networks are the badges, which are the badges with which the loyalty and performance of its users are rewarded. They have also been able to integrate them into this network and, as in other networks, it will work well as a claim, in addition, taking into account that all its users are players, it will be one more challenge to beat.

To start using this network you can register with them or use your Facebook account (1). Then you can find friends by searching within your Facebook, Twitter contacts, among the contacts in your agenda (two) or by manual search. The application itself will search among the games you have installed (3) and will add them to your list of games, although it seems that at the moment it does not recognize them all.

I really like being able to see the list of games of your contacts, or Heyzap users in general, being able to read their comments in the Tips tab (4) and then they have added a button to install the application if you don’t have it (5). Well, actually what it does is forward you to Android Market to download it if it’s available or to buy it, but it’s very convenient for me.

A very practical detail is the Tips tab (4) is that many users use it to make friend requests or to request opponents for a game / game. The You tab includes all your game information (6), comments, achievements, friends, etc. In the Games tab you will be able to see the most popular games, the new ones, those that your friends play and those that you have played.

In general, I think the application is very good, although I have to polish the list of games a bit and the recognition of the ones we have installed. The interface is well designed and I think that if we all use it we will be able to get a lot out of it.

And nothing else to tell, I hope that in the comments you will put your username so that we can add ourselves, and thus discover new games and study the ratings of each one.


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