[HOT] : 13 views Guilty Gear Strive: Baiken arrives in Season Pass 1!

Guilty Gear Strive continues its character exit strategy through a Season Pass that is still in its first season. Today, it is therefore the 4th fighter who is announced and not the least, since it is about Baiken!

Released last June, the studio’s latest fighting game Arc Systems Work, Guilty Gear Strive, continues his little way by proposing new characters through a season pass which will have several seasons which will add all different fighters to the game’s roster. Today * i, the developers reveal to us who will be the 4th fighter for the season 1 of the season pass and it’s a safe bet that the fans will be delighted since it is about Baiken, one of the most iconic and stylish characters of the license.

She therefore joins the first three characters of season 1 who were as a reminder, Happy Chaos, Jack-O ‘and Goldlewis Dickinson!

Baiken, meanwhile, will be available on the game in January 2022 with no specific date yet. No doubt we will have a little more information about its release in the days or weeks to come. As a reminder, Guilty Gear Strive is available on PC, Playstation 4/5 and Xbox Series S / X!

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