[HOT] : A very special Taycan Art Car ordered by Porsche Australia

To celebrate its first fully electric sports car, Porsche Cars Australia has commissioned a bespoke Art Car from contemporary artist Nigel Sense, a creation that has spawned three unique digital works of art currently on auction for a good cause.

A Porsche Taycan 4S “Art Car” up for auction

This Taycan Art Car presented as part of the celebrations of Porsche’s 70th anniversary on Australian soil is original in more ways than one.

The livery of this Taycan first of all, is the adaptation of a work of art made specifically for the Taycan by artist Nigel Sense, and its transformation in the field of NFT was made possible by the work of the photographer Derek Swalwell, who created three unique illustrations.

The three illustrations of this Taycan Art Car, unique digital works of art (multimedia photographs), are now available to the highest bidder. In collaboration with the German collectibles start-up NFT Fanzone.io, non-fungible tokens (NFT – Non Fungible Token) have in fact been auctioned since December 7 via the online platform SuperRare. com, a digital art marketplace using Ethereum technology.

This collaboration is the first digital art project based on Ethereum blockchain technology for Porsche in Australia, but it is not the first project of its kind in the automotive sector. Recently, for example, the designers of Alpine Cars and Alpine F1 Team presented five Alpine GTA concepts dressed in unique liveries, and offered for auction as NFTs.