[HOT] : Activision Blizzard case takes a new turn with allegations of ethics violations in California DHEF appeal

Another week and a new twist in the ongoing legal cases involving Activision Blizzard. Last week, the California Department of Employment and Housing filed a new motion to block a deal with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and now the EEOC itself. even accuses the DFEH of ethical violations and conflicts of interest from its legal team.

It turns out that some members of the California DFEH legal team who may have worked on the motion filed last week, but whose names were not on the list of attorneys for final filing, were employed. by the EEOC. Additionally, they were members of the team that previously participated in the Activision Blizzard investigation. The allegations in the new EEOC memo imply that these lawyers, armed with their inside information on the EEOC case, worked on the preparation of the current appeal, and then did not sign the final filing, in order to hide their participation.

According to the new memo, “these same lawyers then represented the DFEH within the framework of this intervention procedure, which aims to oppose the consent decree resulting from the very investigation they helped lead when they were at the EEOC ”. In other words, if this were true, it would be a major ethical violation, and even more so, a conflict of interest that sends the matter back to complicated territory. If the accusations are true, namely that these attorneys worked for both parties, the appeal itself could very well be in trouble, to say the least.

While it appears that developments in the ongoing legal issues around Activision Blizzard continue to unfold almost like twists and turns, there should be an answer to this latest accusation sooner rather than later, given that the motion to prevent the regulation is potentially impacted by ethical violations. There are still legal issues to be worked out with California and the SEC, but if this settlement is allowed, the company has a chance that at least it can put something behind it quickly.