[HOT] : AMD: the shortage is expected to impact the PS5 and Xbox Series for a good part of the year 2022

AMD recently took the floor to discuss the shortage of components and in particular its own production of chips dedicated to video game consoles.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series were launched late last year, but the semiconductor shortage situation means they are not yet fully available in the market.

Difficult to project on a return to normal and each brand goes there with its own estimate, more or less optimistic. We heard Toshiba announce problems and waiting lists until 2023.

For Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, the situation should improve fairly quickly. She thus mentions the creation of new factories built at the start of the pandemic and which will be able to start producing to allow suppliers to catch up with demand.

The production of the most coveted chips could take place within a few months in these new factories and will help relaunch the market. Despite everything, the shortage is expected to extend over a good part of the year 2022.