[HOT] : Among Us cloud-playable Xbox Game Pass: December 2021 arrivals and departures

The end of the year is fast approaching, but that does not hamper the habits of Microsoft Xbox which, every two weeks, announces the list of games that integrate the Game Pass PC and console, those who are leaving, and those who get touch controls to be played on mobile devices thanks to cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offering a welcome offer at a lower cost, then three options: the Game Pass Console at € 9.99, the PC Game Pass at the same price and the Game Pass Ultimate at € 12.99, which gives access to the other two, Xbox Live, and EA Play titles. The catalog is constantly evolving, and new titles are enriched by losing a few in passing.

The December 15 and 16, it is not less than 11 games which will be added to the catalog, while five titles will bow out on December 31. Among the major additions that will liven up the gaming evenings at the end of the year, we note integration via the cloud of Among Us, the game inspired by Tiercelieux’s Werewolf, that of the fighting game Mortal Kombat 11, or that of the narrative game Firewatch. Here is the complete list of games that are coming, along with the media and the release date.

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