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  5. [HOT] : Anno 1800 –Comment arriversur Cap Trelawney !

[HOT] : Anno 1800 –Comment arriversur Cap Trelawney !

[HOT] : Anno 1800 –Comment arriversur Cap Trelawney !

Ubisoft presents the next Anno 1800 DLC.

Released a few months ago now, Year 1800 very quickly won the hearts of players. True homecoming for the license, it is therefore normal that the developers do everything to make the fun of this new opus last. Thus the Ubisoft team in charge of the game yesterday unveiled the content of their next DLC called Sunken Treasure. The opportunity for players to learn more about the first downloadable content present in the Season Pass.

Our goal during this DLC will be to find the queen who mysteriously disappeared in Cape Trelawney. Unlockable after reaching the level of 700 artisans, this additional content will offer ten additional quests on the new archipelago. Indeed, forget your old territories, Year 1800 will introduce you to a brand new map full of islets. The main island of this new region should also delight players, sinceit will be three times bigger than the one present in the game so far. Enough to satisfy entrepreneurs in need of space.

“For the first big DLC, we wanted to work with as much player feedback as possible to expand the world of Year 1800. With the large mainland island, we give you the opportunity to create a real megalopolis (…). We can’t wait to hear your reactions to the new storyline, as many of you have expressed interest in seeing more stories play out once the campaign ends. There is even more than what we mentioned today, such as new animals for your zoo, items for your museum, or brand new secrets to unlock. “

But that’s not all, know that the trip will also be an opportunity for you to make incredible discoveries. You will indeed be able to search sunken wrecks and thus collect more than a hundred objects. The scenario will be more extensive, in particular thanks to the arrival ofa brand new character called Old Nate. This isolated inventor will provide you with a large number of quests and crafting plans, including that of the diving bell necessary for your explorations.

Most Ubisoft has not finished revealing everything about Sunken Treasure. The rest of the revelations will be made via twitch on July 23 at 6.30 p.m. via the BlueByte channel. We will have to wait for the July 30 to try the DLC. As a reminder, the game will be available for purchase, but it comes directly with the Season Pass.

Thanks to this extension, players will be able to erect a new capital and discover the European cession Cape Trelawney, “Three times larger than the largest island in the main game” with its 300 squares of sides and its many natural resources. The character of Old Nate, inventor and eccentric treasure hunter, also makes an appearance, as well as the ability to craft new items. Nate also offers to use his diving bell to search for shipwrecks to complete his experiments.

To summarize, the Buried Treasure DLC is “Over 100 new items in Anno 1800, including items from new quests, dozens of inventions to craft, new specialists, and new sets for the Museum and Zoo”. To discover all this, however, you must first reach the third level of Civilization.