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[HOT] : Anno 1800 – How to explore, colonize and buy islands? Part one

[HOT] : Anno 1800 – How to explore, colonize and buy islands? Part one

We told you about it in our previous guide to get started, one of the main new features of Anno 1800 is the possibility of establishing several secondary colonies, which you will have to exploit to develop your main colony. We will see this specific content together in more detail and better understand the benefits it can provide you.

To invest in the surrounding islands, two possibilities are available to you:

Indeed, in Ubisoft‘s new game other players will also want to expand their territory. It may be that the island that will catch your attention is owned by another settler and you will have to negotiate if you really want it.

Explore and colonize new lands

Looking at your mini-map, you can select some uncharted territory for you to establish a new small town.

If the island that caught your attention is free, you just need to select one of your ships and send it to the area. First make sure you have loaded a minimum of resources into your boat in order to build a port at the edge of the new colony. Usually it costs 10 planks of wood and 8 units of steel, but it can vary depending on the difficulty mode and the island chosen.

Once a port has been built, the modernization and operation of the island can begin! It should be noted that some resources will be absent from these unknown territories. You will therefore have to start from scratch, but you can transport some goods by boat from your main colony to speed up the process. We advise you to mainly look for lands that have products that are not available on your other islands and create a commercial route to get them to the right place. This way, you can continue to develop your cities and improve your society.

Buying islands in Anno 1800 is possible

If the island you want to mine is owned by someone else, several choices are available to you. You can launch a military offensive to conquer the territory, or, opt for a commercial approach.

First move the camera to the island you are interested in. At the top of the screen, you will see a tab that shows the owner of the places. If you click on it, you will be taken to a screen where you will see the income and resources of the territory in question. If you wish it, you can buy a selected part of the island for money, which will give you a certain percentage of the income from its activities. See it as an investment. You can of course buy the whole of the territory that you will be free to exploit yourself.

If times are tough for you and you are struggling to make ends meet, you might as well sell part of your island. This will allow you to quickly earn a lot of money and avoid bankruptcy.

“Anno 1800”, conquering the new world

Have you ever dreamed of discovering and conquering a new world? To exploit it to the maximum to become one of the greatest world powers? Become a strategist in Ubisoft’s latest “Anno” Blue Byte dated “Anno 1800”, the unofficial sequel to “Anno 1400”.

The “Anno” saga is not new, it’s been around for 21 years! The first game was developed by Max Design, published by Sunflowers and is now owned by Ubisoft. The game we hear about today struggled to keep its audience as development studios very quickly got into overly futuristic editions of the game, while key games in the series were set in historic settings. In this “Anno 1800”, we start again in history, where we left off.

Universe: immerse yourself in the industrial revolution

We must not be left behind in industrial evolution to keep our heads high during your trade and your political agreements.

A new world filled with resources, ready to be conquered, awaits you. You are about to make the transition from a world of craftsmanship to an industrial and commercial society. You will go through several stages of evolution with fussy graphics on each stage of the game.

GamePlay: become the conqueror

“Anno 1800” is a management and strategy game in real time so no turn to wait, which means that you have to be quick and efficient in your decisions to evolve quickly and correctly. It is not a game of war but a game of conquest and trade. No big army in this game so that’s not the point. There are only armed boats to be able to defend against pirates or, if you wish, to colonize an island already taken by a competitor.

In “Anno 1800” you start on an empty island. There is only one port for you to develop, your objective being to improve the quality of life of your inhabitants by developing the different technologies and knowledge to make your nation grow and thus become the most powerful colonizer. of the world.

In this world you will meet other colonizers. We must not be left behind in industrial evolution to keep our heads high during your trade and your political agreements. The trade takes place mainly via maritime trade routes which you must define, but watch out for pirates who will not miss an opportunity to strip you of your possessions.

Anno 1800 is undoubtedly a success, and its obvious affiliation with Anno 1701 and Anno 1404 is not unrelated to this state of affairs. Based on a proven concept and a devilishly effective recipe, Ubisoft has played it safe. However, it would be inappropriate to accuse the series of inaction because a lot of small novelties answer the call, starting with the expeditions, the management of propaganda, or the emphasis placed on tourism. And it’s not the few bugs or the fighting shortcomings that are going to make us sulk our fun. The Anno 1800 is a very good vintage, which is intended for both regulars of the saga and those who would like to discover it. Either way, dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of delicious management await them.


For more than twenty years, the Anno management series has been delighting us with its particularly addictive concept. But it must be recognized that the last two episodes (2070 and 2205) did not win the same support as the previous ones. Blame it on a futuristic environment that lacked charm compared to past eras, particularly conducive to discovery. This is why the sixth major part of the saga takes place in 1800, in the midst of the industrial revolution. And if the game itself is not necessarily revolutionary, it is still very successful.

How to get the most from an Anno?

For many, it will be in sandbox mode. But some will prefer to follow the scripted campaign. Still others will favor the four-player multiplayer mode. Anno 1800 offers all this, and we are even promised the arrival in the near future of an additional and free mode dedicated to cooperation.