[HOT] : Anno 1800 How to play in Sandbox.

And yes, we love to talk about video games, but we did not rush to write an article after 5 hours of playing on the campaign, only to end up with a 17/20!

Concretely we are not going to say much more than in our test of the Beta, but we will specify some somewhat contentious points on the management of the difficulty, or the operation of this damn balance….

The Beta was still a bit easy, but here we feel that a big balancing has been done, making the progress a little slower. Despite everything, in a little less than 50 hours, we manage to complete the sandbox, in normal mode.

So the best advice we can give you is not to overload production and sell, sell anything that is not useful to NPCs.
In this opus, we are clearly opposed to Anno 2202, where it was enough simply to increase the population to bring in cash!

The other complex point is the management of the balance, which tends to make some caprices. Right before going to Investors, it starts to fluctuate wildly, and for no reason, when all the buildings are full or balanced, and happiness is at its peak. Still, you go from +27,000 credits to -120000, which quickly puts you in bankruptcy if you play at 4x speed.

Nevertheless, we can say that we have come full circle, because we have finished our World Fair building and our exhibitions have been a great success!

We will continue with a small point on the graphics and the quality of the animations which are absolutely magnificent and very realistic!
Look at the interior of the World Fair building, which is lively, changes depending on the type of exhibition, a simple detail, but which still announces the precision of the artistic direction!

To make it short, the progression goes rather very well, we do not get bored, between the quests, the expeditions, the disasters in town. But a few points need to be improved so that the experience is quite pleasant.

Finally, here is a small list of the positive and negative points that we like or criticize about this new album from Anno.

The positive points

  • We find the principles of Anno
  • The impression of progress is regular and well constructed
  • The graphics that are…. whoua, magnificent!
  • Finally a real Anno, no offense to some, you have to evolve!
  • La Presse, its influence and the chief editor
  • The era of the industrial revolution is clearly a good choice to ensure a progression

The negative points

  • The principle of “medium” sized islands even in large island mode.
  • The principle of reputation that is “consumed” when building public places such as the Zoo or the Museum.
  • The performances which are catastrophic above 15,000 inhabitants.
  • The newspaper editor’s lack of punch line.
  • How do pigsties reduce the attractiveness of the city?
  • Lack of progress in the New World.


This is, in our opinion, the best price / playing time placement that we have seen in a long time (with Satisfactory being the clear leader, in a very different style).
This is an Anno that is much more in the tradition of the old opus, and we are waiting for the continuation, the updates and DLC to extend our possibilities and our colonies!

We could easily see ourselves conquering the Canadian Far North, but we don’t want to influence the developers!

As usual, react on the Discord and come play or seek advice on Anno 1800.