[HOT] : Apple gives preview of Safari 15 on macOS Big Sur

On the occasion of the macOS Monterey presentation at WWDC, Apple unveiled a brand new version of Safari with a redesigned interface. Apple notably merged the address bars and tabs, grouped all the options in a “More” button on the right of the current tab, and made it possible to create groups of tabs that can be managed in a side column. There are also many new features in supported technologies for developers.

If this new version was designed for macOS 12 Monterey, it will not be exclusive to this new system: it will also be possible to enjoy it on macOS 11 Big Sur. Apple is also already giving the opportunity to test the new features: version 126 of Safari Technology Preview was put online last night and this demo version offers most of the new features present in the beta version of Safari 15.

If you are just curious, or if you are a developer and want to test the compatibility of your websites with this future update, you have the possibility of doing so without installing the beta version of macOS Monterey, which is currently reserved. developers registered with Apple (with a paid account). The public beta of macOS Monterey is expected sometime in July.