[HOT] : Automatic subtitles are coming to Twitter

Between the slight bug fixes and the very discreet improvements, like on the quality of photos and videos, Twitter often does not benefit from real substantial improvements. However, this is the case with the new update, which will introduce an automatic subtitle function.

In a statement released yesterday, the blue bird network announced that this feature will be deployed on both iOS and Android, and in several languages, including French. Very soon, therefore, we will be able to benefit from automatic subtitling, which is very practical when the original language is not spoken, or for people who have hearing problems.

However, this new system has significant limitations. To generate the subtitles, Twitter will perform a new processing step when the video is uploaded to the social network. This means that videos already uploaded before the deadline will not be affected by captions.

Note also that according to The Verge, this first version does not yet include an option to report imprecise or inappropriate subtitling. This functionality could possibly be integrated later.

In any case, let’s hope that the launch of this new accessibility feature will go better than the launch of voice tweets. As a reminder, the social network had ignored the subtitles during the launch of this feature; he was later caught by the patrol for his overall lack of accessibility options, before catching up on shooting this summer.

According to The Verge, Twitter now has two dedicated accessibility teams. We can therefore expect that new features of this kind will flourish there in the future under the leadership of new CEO Parag Agrawal, who replaced Jack Dorsey two weeks ago.

Twitter now automatically subtitles videos

Twitter adds automatic captioning on new videos. A gradual deployment initiated very recently.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have good hearing. Some of us are born with hearing problems, others have experienced events that caused hearing loss or decrease. In fact, when it comes to watching videos, the operation turns out to be delicate insofar as these people cannot, or have difficulty, hearing what is being said. It is for this reason, in particular, that the subtitles were invented. They offer users with hearing problems an alternative to enjoy their videos.

Twitter adds automatic captioning to new videos

Today, many services offer subtitles on their videos, whether they are added automatically or not. And now we need to add Twitter to this list. The deaf and hard of hearing will therefore certainly be pleased to learn that Twitter has just started to roll out support for automatic captions. This means that videos sent to the platform will be captioned automatically.

A gradual deployment initiated very recently

According to the platform’s statement, this feature will eventually be activated worldwide and will support “most languages”. That is, right now, depending on your language, the results will be quite different, but in some time all videos should be processed. That being said, according to The Verge, Twitter explains that automatic captioning will only be applied to new videos uploaded to the platform. This means that videos already published will not be entitled to it, which is a shame.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any way for users to report wrong, or simply inaccurate, captions. Hopefully Twitter makes up for this lack and adds the necessary functionality. Although subtitles were originally an accessibility feature, these can be very useful today if you want to watch a video without sound, which can happen quite regularly on a daily basis.

Twitter wants to become more accessible with automatic video captioning

Twitter introduces an automatic captioning feature for video tweets shared on Twitter. The short message service wants to make its platform more accessible. At first, automatic captioning is limited to video content in English and works in the web version as well as on iOS and Android. According to the American media Techcrunch, 30 more languages ​​are expected to be added in the future, such as Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Chinese and Hindi.

To view automatic transcriptions, users must click on the CC “Show captions” button located at the bottom right of the video. By clicking on this button again, the previously displayed subtitles will no longer be displayed. It should be noted that automatic captioning does not work for downloaded video content that is more than a day old.

heise online has tested the automatic subtitling of Twitter videos in English with Chrome 94.0.4606.61, Vivaldi 5.0, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 95 and Opera 81.0.4196.54 web browsers. However, for Mozilla Firefox and Opera, the browser language settings had to be changed to English.

For the mobile version, the language change was also necessary under Android 12.0. For this, however, it was necessary to change the language of the smartphone to English.

Both for the Clubhouse Espaces Twitter competition and for voice messages shared on Twitter and audio tweets, there has been an automatic transcription since July 2021. With automatic captioning, Twitter wants to make its platform more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Never the last to improve the use of its social network for people with disabilities, Twitter continues to add new functions that will also serve the greatest number.

After the photos with audio description for the visually impaired or the more representative emoji, here comes the subtitling of the videos, as it already exists on YouTube. Long advertised, the feature is being rolled out globally and for all media, the company now run by Parag Agrawal has announced since Jack Dorsey resigned in November.


Whether you are on an iPhone or Android smartphone, or even on the desktop version, Twitter will add subtitles automatically, but only if you have just added your video natively in a new tweet after the update. For old videos already posted with your posts, this will not work.

The subtitles will activate automatically when you watch a video without sound on Android or iOS. On the web version, all you have to do is press the button CC to activate or deactivate them. If you want the subtitles to be enabled by default, just go to your profile in Settings & Privacy> Accessibility, Display & Languages> Accessibility to activate the default function.

On the other hand, as Twitter acknowledges with The Verge, these are automatic captions. There is therefore no possibility to correct or report an incorrect caption.

An initiative that is nevertheless good, especially in terms of accessibility, and which comes in addition to the multiple efforts made by the platform to facilitate its use. This comes after the addition of the captions in the live conversations in Space Space (the Home Clubhouse) or in the voice tweets launched last year. These had caused some stir by forgetting the hearing-impaired or deaf users who could not then take advantage of them. The description was then added.

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