[HOT] : Caviar wraps solid gold PS5, iPad mini, AirPods Pro and iPhone 13 Pro, offers cheaper gold-plated version

Gold has been a status symbol for thousands of years and is still a popular choice. Caviar is one of the companies that comes out of the usual mold of gold watches and gold earrings and offers things like gold game consoles and gold headphones.

The latest collection is called ‘Prime’ and features include Sony’s PlayStation 5 as well as Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad mini (2021) and AirPods Max. They are available in “gold” and “gold plated” with huge differences in the amount of gold used and, of course, the price.

The PlayStation 5 Gold is encased in a solid 18k yellow god with an ornate decorative pattern that can also be seen in other items in the Prime collection. The DualSense controller has a golden decoration and is covered with real foam. Caviar also designed a personalized ebony wood stand. Only 5 units will be made and getting one will cost you just over $ 350,000.
La PlayStation 5 Gold de Caviar

The gold-plated version of the PlayStation 5 costs just $ 12,750 – that’s pocket money compared to the one above. This one features a 24k gold plated exterior. You still get the leather covered controller and the ebony backing. 99 units will be made from it.
Caviar’s PlayStation 5 plaqué or

The Apple AirPods Max Gold are also adorned with solid 18k yellow gold and genuine crocodile leather for the ear pads. Only 9 units will be manufactured, each costing $ 68,000.
AirPods Max Gold de Caviar

Again, there is a gold-plated version for the more casual consumer – 99 units will be made and they will cost less than a tenth of the other version, “only” $ 5,910.
Gold Plated Caviar AirPods Max

Moving on to the iPad mini, its super-fast Apple A15 chipset is paired with a sparkling 18k solid yellow gold case. Caviar encrusted with four 4mm diamonds for an extra wow factor. Only 6 will be made, starting at a price of $ 84,920.
iPad mini de Caviar (2021) Or

If you can’t rock that, the gold-plated model costs just $ 6,600 (256GB of storage) and it still has 4mm diamonds encrusted in the 24k gold-plated back. This version is limited to 99 units.
iPad mini Caviar’s (2021) Gold Plated

Finally, there is the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. These start at $ 42,380 for the Pro model (128GB) which is coated with solid 18k gold. Only 9 units will be sold.
Caviar’s iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max Total Or

There is no gold plated version here. But if you think the above model can do with diamonds, the Solid Gold Unique has 55 diamonds (1.8mm) encrusted around the back. This version starts at around $ 45,000.
Caviar’s iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max Solid Gold Unique

Note that Caviar also offers iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max phones with a gold casing. These, as well as the iPad mini 6, can be ordered today * i. The PlayStation 5 and AirPods Max will arrive later, they will start shipping to customers on December 15th.

You can see the entire Prime collection and other Caviar creations on here. Searching is free, getting one costs anywhere between a car and a house.