[HOT] : Chocobo GP: A release date and a free version announced

Announced during the previous Nintendo Direct, Chocobo GP is a racing game that seems to borrow a lot from Mario Kart. Whether in its approach to the race or its immediate accessibility, the game of Square Enix should not disturb regulars of the genre, except that it plunges us into the Final Fantasy universe. Today, the Japanese publisher gives us details on its release date and its game modes.

A lighter version for the Chocobo

Take your agenda, Chocobo GP will be released on March 10 exclusively for the Nintendo console. In the press release, it is made clear that it will be launched in its digital edition via the eShop, putting aside the hopes of a physical version – at least for now – to the chagrin of lovers. of the box.

At launch, there are several game modes, starting with a Story, which will allow you to follow a very short scenario with the objective of making us unlock tracks and cars. The opportunity to take charge of the mechanics of the game, such as special abilities and magic, and to meet the full cast.

We can also embark on qualifying tournaments for 64 pilots, from Against the watch to perform our best times, racing series with classification to the key or customize our own races. Please note, this is not a track editor, but simply options for playing on the rules and race parameters. Note that the game is playable solo or with others, especially locally.

Finally, note thata Chocobo GP Lite version will be launched the same day : this is a free alternative to play without paying for the title, which will only focus on the story mode prologue. The main advantage of this Lite version is that you can join a friend who owns the full game to play together online.