[HOT] : Chucklefish presents Loco Motive, the “point and click” murder party on board a train

Notice to fans of pixels and Crime on the Orient Express, the Robust Games studio is currently developing Loco Motive, a point and click whodunnit style in which the player will play up to three characters to solve a murder, but in an atmosphere more turned towards comedy.

Co-founded by Joseph and Adam Riches (formerly at Chucklefish who worked on Wargroove and Kingdom Two Crowns), the British studio Robust Games presented its first title during this Nintendo Indie World. It is Loco Motive, a point and click adventure thriller that will take place aboard the Reuss Express, a train with luxury service included, gourmet restaurant and seasoned detectives in the event of major problems. This is rather good considering that Lady Unterwald has just been murdered. His lawyer Arthur Ackerman, the first character that the player will play, is also one of the suspects.

Loco Motive to investigate on Switch

During’Indie World Released today * i, Loco Motive has made its appearance: in the sweet tunes of Crime on the Orient Express, this point and click will delight lovers of investigation and pixel art. On board a luxury train, passengers and crew go about their business when the trip is disrupted by the murder of Lady Unterwald, the heiress of a railway company. Three suspects are quickly identified: Arthur Ackerman, the victim’s assistant, Herman Merman, an eccentric detective, and Diana Osterhagen, an MI6 spy infiltrated among the passengers.

Small detail, however: the heroes of Loco Motive are precisely the suspects! By playing this explosive trio, it will be up to you to prove their innocence and of course to identify the real culprit. The investigation will take place on board the Reuss Express where you will have a lot to do with its sometimes phlegmatic, sometimes unleashed passengers, each with its own dubbing and all in very successful pixel art settings.

For the little anecdote, Loco Motive was born when two brothers took part in a Game Jam in 2020: its creators were subsequently able to found Robust Games, their own studio, and become independent developers very quickly. The game will be released this summer on Nintendo Switch and is also available on PC and Mac.

Loco Motive, a new comedic adventure from Chucklefish, announced for Switch

Publisher Chucklefish announced that Robust Games’ point-and-click adventure Locomotive pattern will arrive in the Switch station in the summer of 2022. As featured in today’s Indie World Showcase * i, the game combines the murder mystery of a good Agatha Christie novel with point-and-click styles and the gameplay of classic Lucasarts adventures.

Originally created for a game jam by the independent development team, Loco Motive has you investigate the deadly occurrences aboard the luxurious Orient Reuss Express. You take control of several characters during your investigations to find the killer – for his death was surely not an accident – of a Lady Unterwalden.

Intrigue, puzzles, pixel art, mustaches – if you’ve ever played a 90s adventure game, you’ll feel right at home here. For kids who are too young to remember the ’90s, there’s also a hotline in the Thimbleweed Park-style game to call if you’re a little stuck.

Take a look at some screenshots below, as well as an overview of the PR blurb features:

● A comedic adventure that hits like smooth jazz, taking place aboard a 1930s express train

● Take control of three playable characters, in an interconnected comic adventure

● Uncover a deadly mystery, full of twists and burlesque humor

● Meet a train full of eccentric and somewhat suspicious passengers

● Stop at nothing to solve item-based puzzles that won’t leave you scratching your head for hours

● Choose your way to play, taking direct interactive control of the character, or going for a classic

point-and-click experience

● Beautifully detailed pixel art brimming with charm and character

● Need a little push in the right direction? Call for help with an in-game hotline!

● Fully dubbed, with the slender sounds of composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven)

The game – which, by the way, is available on itch.io right now and features glowing testimonials from PC Gamer and Alpha Beta Gamer – is coming to Switch in the summer of 2022, and it looks like it just might be a another great addition to the console. Growing list of excellent point-and-click adventure games

Nintendo’s latest Indie World stream is packed with great news for fans of great games from indie developers. Nintendo on Wednesday confirmed a long list of much-loved releases and promising upcoming games for Nintendo Switch. This list includes games like Chicory: A Colorful Tale, the # 2 game of the year on Polygon; Kill, the colorful yet dark indie role-playing game from Omocat; and Sea of ​​Stars, the next game from The Messenger developer Sabotage Studio.

Four of the games featured on Wednesday’s Indie World broadcast are coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop today: Dungeon Munchies, Let’s Play! Oink games, Chicory: a colorful tale, and Timelie. Switch owners can also get a playable preview of one of the games, Figure 2: Creed Valley, thanks to a demo recently posted to the eShop.

Sea of ​​stars

A prequel to the side-scrolling action game The Messenger, Sea of ​​Stars is an isometric role-playing game with an equally retro vibe. It’s a classic 16-bit style RPG with turn-based combat and includes music by composer Yasunori Mitsuda (the stopwatch trigger, Chrono Cross, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2). Sea of ​​Stars is coming to Nintendo Switch Holiday 2022. It’s also coming to PC next year.

To kill

The emotional and spooky role-playing game of Omocat Kill, which drew comparisons with Earthbound and Yume Nikki, released on PC last year. It’s now coming to Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2022.

Chicory: a colorful tale

The cute and colorful adventure of Team Chicory’s existential crisis, already available on PC and PlayStation platforms, arrives today * i on Nintendo Switch. Featuring a magical, brush-wielding puppy, Chicory: A Colorful Tale is one of the best of the year, as featured in Polygon’s Games of the Year list:

It is rare to play a game where the central verb, to paint, is also the emotional knot around which its themes and its universe revolve. Chicory has other verbs – explore, speak, solve puzzles – but above all, it’s a game to paint the whole world as you see fit, with total surrender.

Endling: extinction is forever

Intended to be a heart-wrenching adventure, Endling: Extinction is Forever puts players in the role of a mother vixen, who must guide her three cubs to safety in a world ravaged by human-induced climate change. Ending promises stealth, survival, and perilous adventure when it comes to Switch in the spring of 2022.

World OlliOlli

Developer Roll7 has given fans a new look at – and a release date for – World OlliOlli, the ambitious and deliciously weird new side-scrolling skateboarding adventure. World OlliOlli is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022.

Figure 2 : Creed Valley

Bedtime Games isometric musical action-adventure Figure 2: Creed Valley debuts in February 2022, but players can explore its world in the human mind with a free demo in the Switch eShop today * i. Figure 2: Creed Valley will feature both single player and co-op games.

Aliisha – Forgetting the Twin Goddesses

Twin sisters Aisha and Lisha must work together by exchanging clues and operating devices on a journey to the heart of a temple in a puzzle-adventure game Aliisha – Forgetting the Twin Goddesses. Developer Underscore promises a touching story with multiple endings when it ends up launching on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive in Spring 2022.

Locomotive pattern

Locomotive Motif is a point-and-click murder mystery comic adventure set on a train called the Reuss Express. Players must investigate Lady Unterwald’s suspicious death in an attempt to clear their name, as they are the prime suspects! Posted by Chucklefish, Locomotive Motif is coming to Switch next summer.

Dungeon Munchies

The 2D side-scrolling action platformer based on the Dungeon Munchies kitchen, already available on Steam in Early Access, is coming to Nintendo Switch… starting today * i.

EP Afterlove

This visual novel / rhythm game inspired by manga about love, music and friendship set in Jakarta will arrive on Nintendo Switch next summer. Developed by the creative director of Conference on Coffee and What Comes After, EP Afterlove is both a mixtape and a storytelling adventure.