[HOT] : Comment réussir la mission suicide de Mass Effect – Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The plot of Mass Effect 2 is based on the principle of seeking a team that will accompany Commander Shepard to carry out a perilous mission. During this mission, several branches are possible and they will above all be linked to your preparation throughout the game. In order to obtain the best possible ending, here are the indications to follow to succeed the last mission of Mass Effect 2 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

No spoils will be made here, so you can read this article without fear of seeing any plot pieces revealed here.

Complete Loyalty Missions

Before carrying out the suicide mission, the most important thing will be to participate in each of your teammates’ Loyalty missions. These missions are unlocked at certain times in the game, by going to talk to each character on the Normandy.

Perform these missions as a priority and do everything to ensure that the character in question gets the ending he wants so that he remains loyal to Shepard.

Do not go through your moral choices either, as it is best to maximize one and only one path (Pragmatic or Conciliatory) in order to save the furniture from the companions if you have made choices that the characters do not like. We also think of the disputes between certain characters, which can only be really resolved if you have a certain level of Pragmatism or Conciliation.

Remember to do this for all playable companions.

Upgrade the Normandy

During the adventure, you will have the opportunity to increase the Normandy’s ship three times with bonuses. These are unlocked by going to talk to certain companions:

  • Canon Thanix : Garrus will be able to take care of this equipment in exchange for 15,000 units of platinum.
  • Multi-core shield : Tali will install it for you for 15,000 palladium units.
  • Heavy armor : Jacob will take care of it by paying him 15,000 units of palladium.

Go on the suicide mission as soon as the scenario puts you up to the wall

We will not say too much to avoid spoilers, but once quite advanced in the scenario, you will be asked to make a choice which is of great importance to the survival of the Normandy crew.

If you want no one to die, in addition to the survival of playable companions, it will be necessary to leave to carry out the mission on the field, without carrying out others while waiting. The more missions you complete in the meantime, the less likely you will see everyone doing it. Of course, Loyalty missions are priority and if you still have to do some, it is better to prioritize them above all, but you have been warned.

Assign characters to the right places

During the assault, Shepard will have to make choices and return his team to specific positions that will determine the success of the mission or not. Here are the roles to be assigned to each:

  • Ventilation duct: Tali / Kasumi / Legion.
  • Second team leader: Miranda / Garrus / Jacob
  • Crew escort: Mordin
  • Creation of a barrier: Jack / Samara / Morinth
  • Door Protection: Grunt / Garrus

Care must be taken to ensure that all of these characters are loyal to Shepard so that they can successfully complete their tasks.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can find our test for more information on this remaster or our complete guide to the game.