[HOT] : DDR5 sales ahead of DDR4 sales from 2023

Almost total domination of the RAM market is expected in 2025-2026.

The new generations of Intel (Alder Lake) and AMD (Zen 4) processors should widely popularize the use of a new generation of RAM in our PCs, DDR5, which should quickly supplant DDR4.

More than 25% of the market in 2022

Through the publication of the Status of the Memory Industry report in June 2021, Yole Developements takes stock of the memory market in general and that of DRAM in particular.

It turns out that the adoption of DDR5 should happen very quickly. Remember that the first bars dedicated to the general public should be marketed very soon and that all the manufacturers are already in line, presenting their products one after the other.

More surprisingly, this report specifies that DDR5 should represent more than 25% of the DRAM market by 2022 and supplant DDR4 the following year. In 2023, it would then already represent more than 50% of the DRAM market.

A market of 200 billion dollars in 2026

Growth should then continue “quietly” and, by 2025, more than 75% of the market would be monopolized by DDR5, which would be practically alone from the following year: in 2026, the total DRAM market would then represent more. of $ 200 billion.

This more general growth of the DRAM market as a whole is linked to the explosion of needs in all sectors. Thus, PCs, servers and smartphones and tablets will see the amount of on-board DRAM increase of course, but also vehicles.

By 2026, the automotive industry would also swallow more DRAM per system than traditional PCs, both in terms of onboard quantities and in value.


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