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[HOT] : Embark on a mysterious journey with Omno available July 29

[HOT] : Embark on a mysterious journey with Omno available July 29

You may have heard of omno if you are fond of indie games. The title has the particularity of having been developed by one and the same person, Jonas Manke, from the world of animation (feature film, short film, advertising, games) he lives in Germany in Beilefeld with his family.

His project began in 2016 and will have taken five years of development to create for us a mysterious universe in an ancient world, strewn with phases of platforms and puzzles through magnificent and breathtaking open spaces. omno exudes a certain peaceful and dreamlike atmosphere. Studio Inkyfox and Jonas Manke are pleased to deliver omno for the 29 juillet 2021 sur Xbox One, Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, PS4 et PC.

Using your magic scepter, embark on Omno to explore an ancient world, encountering mysterious creatures and sumptuous environments. The game is mainly composed of puzzles to be solved and original platform phases. The trailer offers an exquisite overview and it is amazing to think that omno was developed by one and the same person. It sounds a lot like Tunic, an ambitious soon-to-be-released project that is also created by one person. It remains to be seen with the controller in hand and we can not wait to discover this title which seems to be very promising.

Even if omno will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass, this does not prevent it from being available for purchase on the consoles concerned for twenty euros, said Jonas Manke when he answered some fans. A priori, a release on Nintendo Switch is planned, but we do not have more information for the moment. However, this would not be surprising given the well-rounded catalog of our little Switch.