For fans of the game – and the most committed gamers – it’s important to complete all missions, unlock everything unlockable, and… achieve all achievements. It is on this last point that we will stop in this guide. It will allow you to validate all Snowrunner achievements!

The game currently has 38 achievements to do and each requires a specific task, sometimes very simple, sometimes much more complex. The guide below offers you, for each achievement, an explanation of how to unlock it. A link also directs you to our complete guide ” Complete the game 100% To know when it is easy to achieve each success in the game.

Complete all Snowrunner achievements

  • Lame Horse (Drive 1 km with all wheels broken)

For this success you simply have to drive a vehicle with all the wheels broken. The easiest way is to validate it by taking a vehicle hidden on a map by repairing it entirely except the wheels. Doable for example with the Chevrolet Kodiak C70 on the Black River (Michigan) map. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Problem solved (Lifting a vehicle with a broken engine out of the water using a crane)

For this success, you must lift a vehicle, the engine of which is broken, out of the water with a crane. To do this, equip a vehicle with a heavy crane and go to the location of an abandoned vehicle on the map. You can for example also do this with the Chevrolet Kodiak C70 on the Black River (Michigan) map. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Uncle Scrooge (Earn 100,000 currency)

For this success, you must simply earn $ 100,000, to do so you must complete missions, sell vehicles or sell upgrades. All of this counts for success. It is a very simple success that you will be able to do right from the Michigan maps if you do the maps 100%. Link to note complementary guide.

  • “All Along the Watchtower”

For this success, it will simply be necessary to unlock all the watchtowers present on all the cards of the game in the three regions. Nothing very complicated but it will take you a long time. A tip, do this with a Scout, I personally have a preference for the TUZ 420 Tatarin which lends itself particularly well to the discovery of maps. In our complementary guide you will find the necessary explanation to develop the Tatarin

  • Bering Strait (Own a TUZ 420 “Tatarin” and park it in any garage in Alaska)

For this success you will just have to unlock the scout TUZ 420 Tatarin, which is located in Zimnegorsk in Taimyr, then simply store it in one of the garages of the Alaskan maps. To help you you can consult our complementary guide which explains how to unlock it, as well as our guide on all vehicles in Taimyr.

  • Bear hunting (Find all upgrades in Taimyr)

For this success you will have to unlock all the improvements present on the maps of Taimyr. There are 21 in all, spread over the three maps of the area (not counting Rift). To unlock them all, we advise you to consult our complementary guide devoted to improvements.

  • Untouchable (Complete 10 tasks or ordeal without taking damage)

For this success, nothing very complicated, you must complete 10 missions without your truck suffering a single point of damage on any part. With care, you should be able to complete this achievement on the first map in the game, Black River. Link to our complementary guide.

  • West Wind (Use the Pacific P12 to deliver at least 10 cargo units to Taimyr)

For this success you will have to, quite simply, deliver 10 goods (any) to the maps of Taimyr (again, to any) using the Pacific P12 truck. Nothing very complicated is not it? Link to our complementary guide.

  • The duel (While driving a red scout, crash into any truck and take less damage than him)

For this special achievement, go to any garage and take out a scout vehicle that you painted red as well as any truck. You must then rush with your scout into the truck so that the truck takes more damage than the scout. The secret to achieving this success is to run sideways with the scout in the tank of the truck. You will normally have to do this a few times before it works. Link to our complementary guide.

  • A dream come true (Fix all the pipes in Alaska)

To validate this success, you will simply have to follow the contracts of the cards in Alaska. Several contracts will ask you to repair pipelines, once done this will validate your success. You will need to advance to the last map in the area, Pedro Bay. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Come over here (Get pulled by a winch for at least 6m)

This success does not require anything in particular if it is not to pull your vehicle on at least 6m with the winch. You should validate it from the start of the game without even realizing it! Link to our complementary guide.

  • What is a mile? (Use ZiKZ 5368 to deliver at least 10 units of cargo to Michigan or Alaska)

The ZIKZ 5368 is not an exceptional truck, but it is quite quick to make simple deliveries and does not cost a lot. We therefore advise you to buy it quickly, from the first card, and to make 10 deliveries to validate the success. Our complementary guide offers you simple missions to do to quickly achieve this success.

  • Fuel Savings (Go through each region with just one tank)

This success will take a little time for you to validate it. You will have to cross each of the three regions of the game and each time without refueling. It is therefore essential to plan a fast path.

For the Michigan area, go from the garage on the Smithville Dam map, drive to the Black River map, look no further, turn around and retrace your steps. Now head to the Drummond Island map and continue your way to the waypoint to Island Lake. Again, pass it, stop and retrace your steps. Link to our complementary guide.

For the Alaska region, start from the last Pedro Bay map where you will refuel from a tank present in the area. You will then take the crossing point to the Rivière de Montagne card, then to Vallée Blanche and finally to Port du Nord, all without refueling. Link to our complementary guide.

Finally, for the Taïmyr region, start from the Zimnegorsk map, again filling up with a cistern, take the crossing point towards Carrière then the one towards Terrains Inondés. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Gallo-24 (Buy enough upgrades to cost more than twice the value of the destination vehicle)

The objective here is to buy enough improvements on ONE vehicle for the total cost of the improvements, i.e. at least equal to twice the price of the initial vehicle (for example, for a vehicle that would cost $ 15,000, it would be necessary to buy 30,000 $ improvements). It is therefore much easier to validate this success by starting from a vehicle which costs little expensive, we advise you to do it with a Chevrolet CK1500 which costs only $ 12,300. Remember that once you’ve purchased the upgrades and validated the achievement you can take everything back, so it won’t cost you anything at all. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Goliath (Use a telescopic crane to lift a special purpose trailer at least 5m above the ground)

To validate this success you will have to lift at least 5m from the ground a trailer, but not just any, only those which are requested in the contracts (generally at the end of the cards). To do this, you will need to equip your vehicle with a heavy crane. You can validate the achievement from the first card of the game during the “Golden pipes” contract which requires you to deliver a tank of fuel. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Yes, you can drive! (All tutorial tips have been activated at least once)

Easiest achievement to make in the game, you just need to complete the game tutorial on the first card, so it will validate itself. Link to our complementary guide.

  • Truck Union (Find the two statues of Lenin in Taimyr)

This success is validated on the maps of Taimyr where you will have to lead up to two statues of Lenin present in the game. The first statue is on the Flooded Land map, to the south near the factory. The second is on the Zimnegorsk map, again to the south near a factory. You can use the two cards below. Link to the complementary guide 1 and our complementary guide 2.