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NS Fallout 76 Night of the Moth content is coming soon, and you can jump into the game to experience new quests and seasonal events right after maintenance ends, but before that, let’s take a look. patch notes.

A new seasonal event kicks off Fallout 76 starting today * i and it will be available to all players until the end of the third week of December, offering a new set of quests that will bring you closer to the Mothman Cult.

Separately, Fallout 76’s Night of the Moth update also offers a quality of life improvement for Pip-boy’s loot and customization system, as well as addressing a number of issues that were identified before launch. this update.

Fallout 76 Night of the Moth Update (

New features

  • MOTHMAN EQUINOX Seasonal Events
    • Until December 21, the Mothman Equinox seasonal event will take place every hour in the early morning hours at Point Pleasant in the Appalachian Forest region.
    • Kick off the event by chatting with performer Clarence on the roof of the Mothman Museum.
    • New dashboard: Join Dr. Zorbo on the “Zorbo’s Revenge” dashboard as he travels from planet to factory to recruit an elite team to help him defeat Captain Cosmos.
    • New allies: As you climb up the scoreboard you will also unlock Xerxo and Katherine, two new allies who can join you in your CAMPAIGN.
    • Rank 100 and above: You can pass rank 100 again to continue earning more rewards until the end of Season 7.

Improve the quality of life

  • Loot nearby corpses
  • Share Legendary Loot
  • Share XP group
  • Create a “New” menu tab
  • Pip-Boy Keychain
  • Customize the color of the Pip-Boy menu
  • Ammunition is everywhere



  • Costume: Player’s hands are no longer attached to guns and pistols while wearing the Crypt Crook skin.
  • Costume: Blood Eagle Charmer, Treasure Hunter, and Radstag Hide skins can now properly hide armpits when equipped.
  • Graphics: Players killed by Flamer will no longer display the visual flame effect after respawning.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue that could temporarily cause corpses of enemies and players to be invisible after being killed.


  • Pin up: Pepper Shaker can now be displayed in the Heavy Weapons Stand.
  • Fencing: Red Cedar Hedges placed in an ally’s CAMP can now be moved, stored, deleted, etc. by the owner of the CAMP.
  • Flag: The flags on the US Clean walls and poles have been thoroughly hand washed and are now much cleaner than before.
  • Floor: The CAMP budget consumed by Haunted Floors is now in line with other types of flooring.
  • Is different. Structure: Cut the CAMP budget consumed by large neon signs and billboards.
  • Roof: The CAMP budget that Haunted Roof consumes is now adapted to other types of roofs.
  • Roof: A windowless variant of the Haunted Mansion slanted roof has been added to the Haunted Mansion building set.
  • Hidden box: Implemented a fix to reduce the cases where secret libraries and other storage boxes can open even though they are closed.
  • The tables: Wavy Willard’s Roundtable now appears correctly in the “Tables” category in the build menu.
  • Wall: Motorized doors with keypad access now align properly with the background.
  • Wall: Rooms to the right of the Haunted Mansion no longer flip after covering them with wallpaper.
  • Decorate the wall: Each section game board no longer has its own entry in the build menu, instead appearing as single-line variations in the wall decorations.
  • Bureau: Attempting to use a Power Armor Station that was built near a wall or other object no longer results in the “Waiting for a response from the server” error message.


  • Fight: The “Repair 76 Swords” Lifetime Challenge will now correctly award atoms when completed.
  • Society: The “Revive 76 Player” Lifetime Challenge will now correctly award atoms when completed.
  • Society: The sub-table “Use photo mode at Burdette mansion” for the social challenge “Use photo mode in the forest area” has been changed to “Use photo mode at the destruction box”.
  • Weekly: Killing a Hermit Crab will now advance to the “Kill Giant Creatures” challenge.
  • world: Crafting a wooden musical instrument now precisely advances the “Property: Musician” challenge.


  • Enemy health: Fixed a fix to drastically reduce the amount of ‘elastic’ enemy health that can occur when you damage them with certain weapons, such as the Pepper Shaker.


  • Arktos Pharma: Adjusted the location where Daily Activity spawns inside Arktos Pharma so that players have more room to move around and are less likely to randomly start Daily Activities.


  • Loading screen: When fast scrolling to a public event, the loading screen now correctly displays additional information about that event.
  • Mother son: Melody Larkin no longer warns church bells players in Charleston after completing the Motherlode event. Your reign of terror is over, Melody.
  • Magic Bean Project: Pharmabot-JD7E no longer becomes hostile to players after being attacked by NPCs during the event.
  • Important equipment: Players will now receive the appropriate amount of Foundation reputation when choosing to donate collected items.


  • Menu: The Shared World menu now reflects changes made to the Shared Custom World faster after world owners make settings adjustments.
  • Framework: Crafting quest items with the Free Workbench Crafting activation no longer consumes standard crafting materials.
  • Framework: When PVP is set to “Always”, players in this world will now be correctly marked as hostile to each other.
  • Private adventure: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from entering the Private Adventure world from the main menu when they were on a team.


  • Help me: Addictive bugs are now correctly removed after consuming an item the character is addicted to.
  • Ball: Fixed an issue that could result in less ammo generation than intended when attempting to craft a large amount of Large Caliber ammo with the Ammosmith Perk and Ammo Factory Legendary Perk gear.
  • Costume: Hooded Ragged Outfit no longer removes armor or armor when equipped.
  • Costume: You can now wear the wrapped cap with sunglasses and face covers, and no longer remove facial hair when fitted.
  • backpack: Player backpack names now correctly update after applying the Corvega skin.
  • Exploit: Fixed an issue where it could be mined to consume less materials when crafting Legendary items.
  • Trash can: The lantern now displays a preview image when checked.
  • Melee weapons: The Valored Alistair Sword skin can now be applied to many other one-handed melee weapons.
  • Is different: Scrap Assaultron heads no longer appear upside down in display cases.
  • Is different: Cold beer mugs now face the same direction as other mugs when placed in the beer mug display case.
  • Modes: Applying the Jetpack mod to Secret Service Vault Shards no longer makes it invisible after logging out and back in.
  • Modes: Communist and Red Communist Jetpack mods can now be applied to Ultracite and Raider Power Armor body parts.
  • Modes: Fixed an issue allowing players to apply Jetpacks to the Excavator’s Power Armor.
  • Modes: Fixed an issue that could prevent the Minigun with the Shredder mod from dealing damage if the player had 5mm ammo in inventory.
  • Modes: The Power Armor Helmet Targeting HUD mod now correctly highlights hostile NPCs that were passive before players started fighting them.
  • Electric armor: The Northern Lights power armor skin can now be applied to all power armor types.
  • Types of weapons: Recovered attack heads now deal the correct amount of damage per stack when fired in VATS.
  • Types of weapons: Fixed an issue that could prevent weapon attacks from dealing damage after applying a mod that increased the weapon’s melee damage.
  • Types of weapons: Flares now ignite when fired at terrain or structures.
  • Survival tent: Tinker’s Workbench and Scrapbox are now correctly oriented in the APC Survival Tent.


  • Success: Steel Reign Achievements is now available in an appropriate translation in the Simplified Chinese game client.
  • Our mission: Fixed missing characters in the note “Unresolved: Missing Girl” in the quest “Unsolved: Picnic Panic” in the Simplified Chinese game app.
  • Our mission: Fixed missing characters in the note “Suspicious Death of Alicia Shay” in the quest “Unknown Treasure” in the Japanese game app.


  • Ally: Colonizer-Forager allies can once again assign daily quests to CAMP owners.
  • Minerve : Item blueprints and recipes the player has learned will no longer appear as purchasable in Minerva’s inventory.

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