[HOT] : Fifth wave: is the peak really near?

COVID-19 – Olivier Véran assures that the fifth epidemic wave could soon reach its peak. A statement that may seem optimistic when a record of daily contaminations was broken last week. What do the numbers say?

In the Paris region laboratory where TF1 is going in the report at the top of this article, the number of tests has more than doubled this month. In this matter for a few days, records have been broken. Nearly 800,000 screenings are carried out daily in France. And yet, the number of new contaminations is starting to slow down. It is likely that the peak of the fifth wave is behind us as we see a decrease in the rate of positives, for the first time since October 18. “These are data that I see within my laboratory group, but it is also data that is found at the national level”, indicates Dr Arthur Clément, medical biologist requested by TF1.

Even if the epidemic is still progressing at the national level, the rate of reproduction of the virus, that is to say the number of people infected by a patient, has recently been declining. The fifth wave could run out of steam, but nothing to reassure Florence Débarre, a CNRS researcher specializing in evolutionary biology, who is worried about Omicron. The new variant could be more contagious, especially according to the first data in the United Kingdom. “You have to prepare for another wave. These Omicron variants will not replace Delta, but will be added to the Delta variants that are present ”


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