[HOT] : First impressions of Monster Hunter Rise on PC

There is less to hunt on our computers. We tell you what the question looks like in our first impressions of Monster Hunter Rise on PC.

Capcom’s monsters have given us good joys in the past, as we told you in our review of Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch and Monster Hunter World. As you know, Switch delivery will switch to compatibility in January and in 45Seconds.fr we were already able to play its version for a few hours. We tell you here, in our First impressions of Monster Hunter Rise on PC, how it behaves in our brand new “master races”.

Hunting has never been so rich in possibilities

Those of you who have already enjoyed the experience on Nintendo Switch will know that this Monster Hunter comes with a lot of playable new features under your arm. Perhaps the most striking thing is the possibility of traversing the stage with a sort of saddle. They will not only allow us to cover much more ground in less time, but they will also be important allies in combat, and can even heal us in situations of maximum emergency.

They couldn’t miss our inseparable classic companions of the franchise: the felines. These cats, good for everyone, will also be able to accompany us to give us their support. Seen as seen, Monster Hunter Rise is considered a mechanic-packed adventure for single-player fun, although its philosophy remains focused on cooperative play.

There will be some preys that will be a puzzle to hunt if we go alone. In this PC “build” we meet a couple who made us eat mud several times until we could face them as a team with other players.

That’s not to say that while we’re advantageous players in the franchise, we’re able to solve most hunts on our own and with the help of the original companions. Of course, that is the case until we get to the village defenses… But it will be terrain to enter when we access the full version of the PC.

Don’t expect a big visual leap on PC

This is going to bring a lot of controversy. PC gamers are coming from Monster Hunter World, a game hosted by an old graphics engine like MT Framework – and which gave countless optimization issues at launch – but threw everything it had on the spit. I mean, Monster Hunter World pulled out his chest of spectacular graphic and artistic muscles, delivering huge open scenes bathed in hiccup-killing lighting.

However, as much as it weighs me down (although I expected it too) Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t even come close to it with your fingertips. We are facing a direct port of Nintendo Switch on which no additional work has been invested to take advantage of the additional power that the current compatible components allow. Don’t expect the modeling, lighting and effects work of Monster Hunter World because you are going to be disappointed.

Good? Monster Hunter Rise was born with the RE engine, an engine that has repeatedly shown us how well it adapts to the PC. Therefore, despite the graphical – and almost generational – slowdown of Monter Hunter Rise, we will have some incredible optimization that has already left us with a great taste in our mouths with this trial version.

Playing in 4K with everything it offers, barely 10% of the power of a 3070 RTX is consumed, with the game even hitting 120 fps.

You can get out of battles even if you play on Casio calculators

Yes, as I just said. Monster Hunter Rise looks very well optimized. Although with nuances, because we can not say that it brings us a lot of options with which to tweak to find results that can adapt to any junk to play in ultra conditions.

Although, as Steam tells us in the video game requirements section, with very humble things like a fourth generation i3 processor and cards typical of portable systems such as Nvidia’s GT line, the game can already be enjoyed. in minimally optimal conditions.

It has some interesting options, such as the ability to manage the resolution and thus achieve excellent visual heights even if we are playing on 1080p monitors. Not to mention the ultra wide support, ultra texture packs, FOW and HBAO management as well as lighting options. Maybe the options are more generous for the final version. At least I want to have a hunch that we’ll have the same options that games like Resident Evil 2 have already given us, sharing the same engine.

The frame rate per second is a priority objective for Capcom in this version. It is very simple that we can reach the robust 60 even though we do not have the latest generation equipment. And if this is the case, we can take the opportunity to reach up to 120 FPS without showing off. The game offers plenty of refresh rates and even takes advantage of technologies like FreeSync or G-Sync to combat annoying tearing.

Keyboard and mouse hunting, how about experience?

While it is true that Monster Hunter World has given a lot of headaches while playing with the keyboard and the mouse, Monster Hunter Rise has already pleasantly surprised me in this demo. The mouse is ideally suited as a pointing system with built-in distance and is an option to consider in those that require complex macros thanks to the quick button mapping.

With the keyboard more of the same, I can tell. The solvency of the command to have to hold down certain buttons to open wheels or menus where to change objects, abilities or gestures of the character, we can avoid them on the keyboard thanks to the assignment of direct keys.

Playing with the keyboard + mouse combo was really comfortable. That’s not to say that playing with a controller on a PC isn’t a good option. Basically, we have the same button layout as on Nintendo Switch, except that the HUD will be adapted to the keyboard of the Xbox controller on the screen. I wasn’t able to test with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller on Steam to see if the HUD was right for it, but it would make sense to hope it did.

Wear your best armor to play Monster Hunter Rise on PC

Monster Hunter Rise left me with a very good taste in my consistent mouth. I won’t deny that I was extremely disappointed with the lack of improvements and novelties in its graphic staging, but it’s a bad drink that doesn’t last long once we see how well it works. on almost every machine we have at home.

Optimization is going to be one of the highlights of this release, although in this demo I missed more visual options to fight with. But come on, this will be a game that you can enjoy without too much hassle unless you have a PC that doesn’t choke on the Mine Finder.

I will say the same about its adaptation to keyboard and mouse. Much more user-friendly than Monster Hunter World and that makes it very enjoyable to play like that.

In short, unless you are interested in Capcom’s monster hunting saga, you have a must-see date on January 12 on Steam with your wallet. Keep saving € 60, which will be well invested here if things don’t turn out badly in the next 3 months (which would be rarer than seeing an Anjanath fly).

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