[HOT] : Forza Horizon 5: Getting Started with Xbox

Since the release of Forza Motorsport 7 at the end of 2017 and of Forza Horizon 4 at the end of 2018, fans of the legendary automotive saga on Xbox have been hungry for more. Accustomed to alternation (a year of simulation & competitions with Motorsport, the following year arcade & fun with Horizon) we were all suspended from the news feeds of Turn 10, Microsoft and Playground Games, the team at the helm of this saga .

And it’s a Forza Horizon 5 that has been announced to kick off the new Xbox Series S and X series as well as PC. Surprising because it will be two episodes in a row without an episode of Motorsport which we have little news.

The good surprise? More demonstrative, these episodes will be able to take advantage of all the muscles of the two new consoles and it is with appetite that we tested a working version being finished before its release in France on November 05 for owners of the Premium version, November 09 for the most patient.

An XXL realization

Hardly the game launched and the introductory phase, always so crazy, to the past game, what amazes the most is the immense visual slap. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the new generation of consoles, it’s that the available car games were barely visually enhanced or clocked for more frames per second, but nothing tasteless. of reheated.

Here the game is sublime. It’s an adjective we’ve already used for the series, but here the mangroves, the beach, the mountains, the fields, the villages, everything is incredibly detailed, we find ourselves slowing down, skipping over the last report, observe, rotate the camera. The world around us is alive, populated, beautiful. Not photo realistic to the point of believing in a film or a documentary, it’s still a video game, the colors are flashy, the fields unreal, but the result is really crazy and it is the first automobile game to deserve to be cited as being of the new generation. Truly. Even the clouds are beautiful.

Forza Horizon 5: Getting Started with Xbox

The sounds of the 426 (for now) cars (list updated over the announcements here) is well rendered as usual with Forza, as long as your headphones, TV, sound bar or amplifier can transcribe the bass and the spatialization of everything around you, the experience is total. Cars are recorded loaded and not unladen, the magic of audio directors make you backfire the v-twin of a Morgan 3 Wheeler with its sound so different from the gargantuan pounding of a Corvette that the competitors have left crying curled up in a corner.

Forza Horizon 5: Getting Started with Xbo

New game modes to discover

In this version almost finished but not completely we were not able to play all the available modes. The introduction of the game and the map were completely open, on the other hand the Forza Arcade modes and especially the Event Lab mode were not open.

You know the first mode a little, these are the original tests to have fun with friends at a game of football or bowling behind the wheel of your favorite cars. Classic even if new things are in the game like a “jacques a dit” who orders you to pass a challenge right away, such as jumping over a competitor’s car or destroying piniata that appear on the map.

But it is on the Event Lab side that the most bizarre parts should arrive online with programmable events accessible to the community who will be able to create games with new conditions with their imagination and the events available as limits. All those available for the FH4 and 5 minigames will be available in this mode, such as trackmania-style stadium species. Everything is clearly not known yet, but given the quality of the community’s additions, I have no doubt that they will have more imagination than me on the game modes that can be personalized with such a tool.

A game in which we will take pleasure in getting lost

Between the huge map, filled with sublime environments, the amount of cars available, the achievement that will not tire us anytime soon, the ability to play it for free with the Xbox Game Pass (yes yes! Upon release!), Everything what has not yet been possible for us to try (multiplayer for example) I do not worry, it seems to be the ideal game for this end of the year. I can’t wait for the full test.

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