[HOT] : Good VPN deal – Surfshark offers you 83% reduction and two months free for the French Days 2021

Looking for a good deal during these French Days 2021 for a discounted VPN subscription? Our partner Surfshark is offering even bigger discounts than usual, until October 1, 2021. As we found out in our testing and daily use, Surfshark is a VPN you can have great confidence in, since it is particularly effective regardless of the device you use, with a single subscription to protect your sessions on PC, tablets and mobiles.

Good VPN deal with Surfshark for French Days

For the French Days 2021, you will be able to subscribe to Surfshark VPN for the equivalent of € 1.93 per month, while benefiting from two additional free months. For comparison, competing VPNs like ExpressVPN will cost you $ 7 per month, or $ 2.97 per month for NordVPN, with no additional months offered.

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What is a VPN like Surfshark for?

If you want to anonymize your internet sessions on PCs, smartphones and tablets, the use of a VPN will then meet this expectation by hiding your IP address. Tracking-based ads will also have a much harder time “chasing” you, since your sessions will no longer be exposed. Not to mention the various advantages that we have listed in this Surfshark VPN review that we invite you to read for more information. You don’t know anything about computers? This will clearly not be a problem, the activation is very simple.