[HOT] : Halo Infinite adds a dedicated Slayer playlist

Halo Infinite offers itself a Slayer playlist while waiting for the co-op and Forge campaign.

Among the most emblematic licenses of the Xbox platform, we could easily mention Halo. The saga has never ceased to win over players since the early 2000s. Opus after opus, it is a real pleasure to survey the universe in this enormous conflict between the four great factions that are the UNSC, the Covenant, the Parasite and civilization Forerunner. Halo Infinite is no exception, fans are thrilled, despite a few shortcomings at the moment.

Halo Infinite gets a Slayer playlist

One of Halo’s best – or at least the most popular – multiplayer game modes is coming to Halo Infinite sooner than you might think. Indeed, as announced by Windows Central, the director of the community of 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, confirmed that a dedicated Slayer playlist is coming today * i, this Tuesday, December 14, as part of an update. day. This is a “basic” mode and not variants that 343 Industries want to launch after the holiday season, but the developers plan to “strengthen and expand” this functionality in the future.

This Slayer playlist comes alongside three other long-promised options namely Fiesta, FFA, and Tactical Slayer (SWAT). Today’s update * i will also remove or at least facilitate the prerequisites for the existing challenges while adding new ones for these new playlists. There is also a new category of challenges based on player scores, this to better reflect your performance in the game. Please note, this is only a “first step” towards a point counting system. performance-based much more efficient and realistic, so to speak.

while waiting for the co-op and Forge campaign

While this update and these new features are indeed welcome, they will most likely not satisfy fans who have been waiting for other features that have been announced for a long time, such as the co-op campaign or Forge. These won’t arrive until mid-2022, at the earliest. That being said, this release from the Slayer playlist shows that 343 Industries is doing their best to please fans, even if that means, right now, offering a few “little” extras, while waiting for what everyone expects. .