[HOT] : Halo Infinite glitch erases save files

After waiting patiently Infinite halo For six years, Master Chief is back and better than ever. Yet despite its rave reviews and the countless players captivated by Infinite’s multiplayer, a new save corruption issue has started to spoil the fun. Reported by players on Resetera and the Halo Waypoint forums, the issue appears to cause players to reload the game in third person, before eventually losing their save file completely.

Both Xbox and PC gamers seem to be affected, it appears that there is a connection issue that erases your save file entirely. According to the Resetera 99humanity user, after reappearing in third-person mode and crossing the ground or floating like the Ghost of Christmas Past, an Xbox login prompt will appear. It will then invite players to click “Let’s go” to connect. There is only one problem – you are already logged in. If you see this box tempting you, make sure you avoid it altogether. Since you are already logged in, clicking the prompt to force the login process again seems to disrupt your connection, corrupting the backup file.

Interestingly, the same user did some research and managed to reproduce the issue by doing the following on PC:

Connection of a second controller. Your controller disconnects. Switching from wired connection to Bluetooth connection for the controller. Stay signed in on Xbox while playing on PC or vice versa. Using a quick summary on Xbox while playing another game with multiple people signed in to the same account.

Aside from breaking the Halo Infinite campaign, it looks like this bug can affect multiplayer as well. In matches, clicking the same login prompt can cause players to appear in the floor mid-game. Fortunately, the same user uploaded a how-to video that will help gamers avoid the bug that could ruin the game.

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