[HOT] : Halo Infinite will be optimized for AMD PC systems; ray tracing on the way

Halo Infinite shows a preview of what gamers can expect from the PC version. From 343 Industries, they assure that they put into practice “everything we have learned in The Master Chief Collection” to achieve “a real PC experience from day one”.

AMD and Halo Infinite go hand in hand

Noah Benesch, product marketing manager at Xbox, reveals that the team “has been working closely” with AMD for two years. “Working with AMD has helped us perform optimizations that benefit a wide range of systems and hardware,” he says. This vision ranges from high-end computers to other smaller equipment, including the ecosystem of consoles.

Benesch says the manufacturer’s engineers “have optimized performance on AMD Ryzen processors, including changes that allow Halo Infinite to perform better on processors with more cores.” Side graphics card, it will have specific drivers that will offer “massive performance improvements through areas of campaign mode.” Players not using third-party parts can also benefit from the optimization work they do.

It will be fully supported by FreeSync Premium Pro technology. Currently, 343 Industries and AMD are working on the integration of ray tracing after launch. We will know more details “soon”. But the PC version also offers a different scenario in the competitive plane. There will be three types of qualifying matchmaking: keyboard and mouse, controller and a third option where the two modalities are mixed.

The collaboration with AMD also reaches the advertising plan. A limited edition RX 6900 XT graphic designed in the colors of the Master Chief’s armor will be released. However, it will not be for sale. The company’s official account and Halo on Twitter will explain how to get one.