[HOT] : How to choose between weapon types in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, players select any weapon for their loadout, regardless of Shepard’s class. The best options depend on your preferences.

Shepard will loot and buy tons of gear in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and with a few combat tweaks, will be able to choose whatever loadout they want, regardless of class and specialization. In the Mass Effect Trilogy, Shepard and their squad primarily fight aliens, Cerberus Agents, and Reapers with traditional weapons. They also have the ability to use various technological and biotic abilities to repel enemies and create devastating combinations. In the original Mass Effect series, weapons were often limited based on the player’s class, with heavy ability classes only being able to use a few lighter weapons. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition changes that, removing all class restrictions for weapons and giving Shepard a wider range of skills.

Now that there are no restrictions, it can be difficult to know exactly which guns to choose. While playstyle and comfort will ultimately dictate a player’s unique loadout, each weapon type has strengths that can suit them for specific combat situations and allow the weapon to combine well. with the technological and biotic abilities of some classes compared to others. Here are all the weapon classes in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and how to choose between them.

How to choose between weapon types in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The weapon classes of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition appear below:

Pistols / Heavy pistols: mid-range proximity weapon designed for mobile shooting; low rate of fire; moderate accuracy even at long range; deals moderate damage SMG: mid-range proximity weapon with fully automatic and burst fire options; rapid fire; low precision; deals low damage Shotguns: close range weapon that shoots up to eight projectiles per shot; low rate of fire; high accuracy at close range which progressively worsens at farther distances; deals high damage Assault Rifles: mid-range weapon that can have high recoil; rapid fire; good precision; deals moderate damage Sniper Rifles: Long range weapon that includes a range mode in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 for improved vision and accuracy; low rate of fire; excellent precision; deals massive damage Heavy Weapons: Full range weapon best reserved for difficult bosses and capable of dealing damage with any type of protection, including cover; various rates of fire; varied accuracy, deals massive damage

Players should note that SMGs and heavy weapons only become available when Mass Effect 2. Heavy weapons are also much more situational and have fairly limited use before power cells run out.

The following classes were traditionally limited to the following weapons:

Soldier: All types of weapons Engineer: Pistols, SMG, Heavy weapons Dept: Pistols, SMG, Heavy weapons Vanguard: Pistols, SMG, Shotguns, Heavy weapons Infiltrator: Pistols, SMG, Sniper rifles, Heavy weapons Sentinel: Pistols, SMG , Heavy weapons

With technological and biotic powers, heavy firepower often becomes less important. This is especially true in Mass Effect 3, where charge capacity affects power recharge times. For Followers, Engineers, and even Infiltrators who wish to spam their abilities in combination, keeping a lighter load only for dangerous situations may be the best option.

Players will want to consider how far away they want Shepard to be during the fight. It is not necessarily class specific. There are Vanguards who prefer to fight with moderate range assault rifles, and Adepts who prefer sniper rifles and long range attacks. This should help refine the type of weapon a player selects.

Next, players will want to consider their role in their team. It tends to be class related. If their Shepard will be more of a support, crowd control and create opportunities for the heavier ones, selecting pistols and SMGs to focus on using powers may be a good option. If their Shepard is leading, charging into combat, they will often want the heavier firepower offered by a shotgun or assault rifle, which often deal much more damage up close. And, if their Shepard is a tactical fighter, they might want a sniper rifle and pistol or SMG combination to prepare for any situation.

It is also important to take into account the characteristics of the weapon. Accuracy, rate of fire, and damage inflicted are especially important, and types of weapons that excel in one area will generally have weakness in another. For example, assault rifles fire efficiently and damage burst shots, but require several upgrades before they are more accurate. The same goes for shotguns. Meanwhile, pistols can be aimed more precisely and SMGs can fire quickly, but both deal less damage. Players will need to decide if they want to focus on higher damage or more lethal accuracy and faster fire when selecting their weapons and deliberate on the tradeoffs.

Ultimately, a player’s optimal weapon type in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will depend on personal preferences, combat priorities, and playstyle. As long as players build their Shepard’s class well. and select appropriate teammates for each combat situation, they can’t really go wrong with which weapon is best for them.

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