In this chapter of the SnowRunner game guide, you will learn how to get by at the start of the game, so as not to waste too much time. We suggest which car to choose for the start, where to start exploring the map and how to navigate particularly difficult sections of the road.

Remember, SnowRunner is an extremely slow game where nothing happens quickly. Completing the tasks and earning decent money in the game will take time. The gameplay here is so calm that it’s worth listening to your favorite album or even an audiobook in the background!

Choose the right car – Fleetstar 2070a

At first, you don’t have a lot of choice. Your first car will be Chevrolet CK1500 – a pickup truck, which will be useful for unlocking more powerful trucks. This is a great Scout car for exploring the map, but certainly not in its base configuration. Later it becomes more useful when you install higher suspension and muddy tires.

With this Chevrolet you will quickly unlock the GMC MH900 highway truck and as you can guess it will not perform well in the field either. Use it to complete the mission to rebuild the bridge to get to your garage – your first base. You will find the Fleetstar F2070A truck, which should become your primary vehicle at the start of the game.

Don’t sell your first car – the Chevrolet! After a while, when you increase the level of your pilot, you will be able to change it significantly. With upgraded parts, especially a winch and mud tires, this will be a great scout vehicle for exploring maps.

This is where the Fleetstar truck is located. All you have to do is pull up to unlock it.

The Fleetstar 2070A is a heavy vehicle. It has a powerful engine for pulling trailers and other vehicles, and all-wheel drive and differential lock, which allows it to get out of many mud traps.

Once unlocked, enter the garage and make the necessary purchases: Frame Addon and better off-road tires. See the garage and warehouse sections for more information.

Carefully assess the terrain that awaits you

Learn to assess the terrain in front of you and use it to your advantage. On the maps you’ll find pretty obvious detours from some of the more submerged parts of the terrain, then it’s not difficult to take a marked path.

In many other cases, it is sufficient to head towards the side of the road to avoid the difficult crossing of mud or puddles. If the terrain seems wide and hard enough to roll around, always avoid mud traps. However, you should always be careful of any inclines in the terrain, trees, stones, and other traps that might hinder your trip.

Explore first, then earn money.

Your first tasks are to unlock the observation tower and rebuild the bridge to get to the garage. Repeat this pattern with each new location and region on the map. Always try to unlock the road at the beginning – it can be a wooden bridge, a steel bridge or a tame made of rocks. Then choose the observation towers.

Completing observation towers will reveal the location of improved vehicle parts, new cars that can be quickly added to the garage and sold, and new missions to complete. Unlocking the road, in turn, can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get to a destination required for a given mission.

Find new vehicles and parts on the map

After the towers and bridges you have to focus on finding spare parts and new vehicles which are also hidden in different places. All you have to do is reach them and use the function menu to quickly toggle them and send them to the garage. If you don’t want to use it, you can always sell it for cash.

Note – in addition to the new vehicles to be discovered on the map, there are also mission-assigned cars that need to be towed to a certain location. For them you only get a small amount included in the contract and you will have to work hard to get them out of various off-court traps. Leave those missions and vehicles for later.

Use the winch

The winch is one of the most useful gadgets in your car. Use it whenever there is a hitch and the car is moving too slowly. Remember that you can also attach it to the rear and side parts of the car, and environmental objects that you can use your winch on may be hidden, for example in the grass. See the Winch section for more details

Use the Recover option

After doing a long and difficult task, you don’t have to go to the garage or search for a gas station. Use the function menu and the Collect option to go directly to the garage. Your vehicle will be repaired and refueled immediately. Recovering from the garage is free in the game. Also use this option if you are completely stuck somewhere on the road.

However, by using the salvage option, you will lose the cargo you are currently carrying. If you don’t want to repeat your route to the warehouse and your car is stuck or running out of fuel, instead of recovering, you should consider using a second vehicle with a repair kit.

Plan your route on the map

With longer trips, it’s easy to get lost in the field. If you don’t want to look at the map all the time, plan the route with blue waypoints, for example taking into account as many asphalt roads possible and avoiding particularly difficult sections of the route. For long journeys to another part of the map, remember to refuel at gas stations.

Don’t forget the 4 × 4 drive and the differential lock

When driving off-road, always use all-wheel drive with all-wheel drive and in some cases low gear and differential lock. Keep in mind that getting out of a mud trap often requires you to move millimeter by millimeter and is time consuming.

It is often helpful to turn the wheels one way or the other, pull back slightly, or try to shift up a gear.

Change time of day

Night driving is very atmospheric, but if you don’t like keeping your eyes open you can quickly switch to the next time of day from the map menu. This does not involve any financial penalty. You also don’t have to shut off the engine – your vehicle won’t run out of fuel.

Stay in Michigan longer

At the start of the game you will be whisked away to the Alaskan atmosphere, but it’s worth getting back to Michigan quickly. Driving in snow is very difficult and requires a very good vehicle. Unlock what you can in the first slot, collect some good vehicles with the right upgrades, and just go on a winter trip.

Transport the cargo in the correct order

Some missions in the game require the transport of several types of resources and components. Deliver them in the order you see in the job description, otherwise the game will not accept your shipment and you will have to repeat the course. This can be seen in the first mission involving the reconstruction, where first the metal parts of the base of the structure are needed and then the planks to create the bed. There will be a lot more situations like this in the game.

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