The following guide introduces you all the steps to follow, step by step, to complete 100% the map of Island Lake in Michigan. So that means completing all missions, unlocking all achievements, and collecting all vehicles and upgrades. Of course, if you don’t want to spoil the game, I invite you not to read it.

Note that this guide is a translation of the excellent work done by -Stuart- on Reddit, whom I thank greatly for his work and for accepting that I translate it for the Francophone community of Snowrunner. You will find the original article at this address.


In the guide you will find suggestions for trucks to use. This choice is very subjective, ceveryone has their favorites. In this guide, we only use two main vehicles. However, you will accumulate a lot of money as you progress, so feel free to experiment. As a reminder, you can buy and then resell vehicles and upgrades for the same price. So you don’t lose anything by trying different vehicles.

While this guide is quite effective, it is not a speedrun. There are more efficient ways to complete areas 100%.

On the Island Lake map, we will discover the following:

  • 8 watchtowers,
  • 4 improvements,
  • 1 vehicle,
  • 15 missions (4 contracts + 10 tasks + 1 challenges),
  • 2 successes.

Step 1: Discover the new card

Island Lake is the first map we come across that doesn’t have a garage or gas station. So this will require a little more strategy, but nothing too complicated, don’t worry. Go to the Smithville Dam garage and take out the Azov equipped with the small loading crane and low hitch.

Also take out the Tatarin using which you will tow the Azov with the winch. Activate the contract The rebirth of the wood factory and head south to the location of the tarpaulin trailer. Attach the trailer to the Azov and let the Tartarin tow them to the waypoint to the Island Lake map.

You’ve arrived at Island Lake in style! Leave the trailer and the Azov at the entrance of the map and use the Tartarin to visit the 8 watchtowers and collect the 4 upgrades by helping you if necessary map in this article.

While there aren’t any garages or gas stations on the map, you’ll notice a few fuel trailers scattered all over the place. It is important to manage your fuel, using these trailers as benchmarks when you need them. Do not forget to fill up on the additional containers present on the Tatarin gallery. In addition, the trailer store will serve as a center to refuel and repair your vehicles for free. After all, you just have to buy the necessary trailers, use them and then sell them immediately.

Step 2: Validation of Island Lake tasks and challenges

Use the Tatarin to perform the first easy tasks: A little help for my friends , A signal from the mountains , The hunter and the car and A rusty legacy . At level 13, you unlock mud tires for the Azov. It’s probably not worth going back to the Smithville Dam Garage just for that optimization, but if you find yourself nearby for some reason, be sure to buy them.

You probably realized that there were a lot of wooden bridges to be repaired in the area. Take the Azov, go to the trailer store and buy a flatbed semi-trailer. Then go to the logging station and take 5 units of wooden planks. Automatically load the 5 units onto the trailer, move forward and then unpack the cargo. Then just attach your crane to 4 of the 5 timber units, you don’t even have to lift them, just connect to them. Finally, repack the cargo on the trailer, and this will unlock your fourteenth achievement:

  • Blood and sweat (Manually load at least 4 standard freight units in a row and store them in your truck)

Now start to deliver your wood planks to determine the following tasks: Bridging the gap , Difficult negotiations , Growing business and Bob the hunter bridge . Keep your trailer in order to finish Antenna overturned and the challenges Flaming cans . Then go back to the trailer store, sell it and then buy a maintenance trailer. Take it there and go to the task level Repair the bridge . Refuel and partially repair the truck. You won’t have enough to fix it completely all at once. So go back to the trailer store to resell / buy the same trailer and start over. This will unlock the Western Star 6900 TS . Collect it, keep it, and sell it. Leave the trailer at the repair location, it will serve as a refueling / repair point.

Depending on how often you’ve repaired your own vehicles, you should unlock your 15th achievement

  • Play as you like (Repair 2000 points of damage)

Step 3: Validation of Island Lake contracts

Collect, with your Azov, the trailer that you brought from the Smithville dam and deliver the cargo to validate the contract The rebirth of the wood factory . There is a semi-trailer near the trailer store that contains both the metal and concrete blocks you need to complete the contract. For the contract Power lines , there is another trailer in the next house with metal that you can deliver to the first point. Near the 3rd point you will find another trailer with all the metal needed to complete the contract.

For Development instruments , rather than going to three locations to collect the drilling equipment, go to the nearest location 3 times, this will allow you to complete the mission faster.

Finally, pour Port delivery , a container is located right next to you at the warehouse. With a little perseverance you can slide it onto your trailer using the loading crane or simply use the automatic loading area. With the container loaded, it’s time to head to the final Michigan map: Drummond Island. If you pass near the Tatarin, tow it behind your trailer. Otherwise, return to find it later to bring it to the last map.


At this point, you should have completed a total of 22 Watchtowers, 19 Upgrades, 8 Vehicles, and 71 Missions (19 Contracts + 45 Tasks + 7 Challenges) and be somewhere around level 14. Now let’s start the fourth and final map of the area, Drummond Island!

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