The following guide introduces you all the steps to follow, step by step, to complete the Career card in Taimyr 100%. So that means completing all missions, unlocking all achievements, and collecting all vehicles and upgrades. Of course, if you don’t want to spoil the game, I invite you not to read it.

Note that this guide is a translation of the excellent work done by -Stuart- on Reddit, whom I thank greatly for his work and for accepting that I translate it for the Francophone community of Snowrunner. You will find the original article at this address.


In the guide you will find suggestions for trucks to use. This choice is very subjective, ceveryone has their favorites. In this guide, we only use two main vehicles. However, you will accumulate a lot of money as you progress, so feel free to experiment. As a reminder, you can buy and then resell vehicles and upgrades for the same price. So you don’t lose anything by trying different vehicles.

While this guide is quite effective, it is not a speedrun. There are more efficient ways to complete areas 100%.

On the Career map, we will discover the following elements:

  • 6 watchtowers,
  • 7 improvements,
  • 1 vehicle,
  • 17 missions (5 contracts + 9 tasks + 3 challenges),
  • 0 successes.

Step 1: Discover the Career card

The career card once again does not have a garage, so you need to properly equip yourself before going there to avoid the back and forth. I recommend that you set off for the first time with the Azov equipped with the seismic vibrator module and tow the Tatarin. Starting from the garage on the Flooded Land map, all you have to do is follow the mostly paved road in an almost straight line to the northernmost crossing point, very close to the Rock and Roll challenge farm. You will then arrive on the Career card.

Leave the Azov at the entrance to the map for now and explore the new area with the Tatarin. There are 6 watchtowers to discover and 7 upgrades to unlock . To help you find them, you can use the map above or our guide dedicated to Taimyr upgrades.

Step 2: Some seismic contracts

Take back the Azov, activate and complete contracts Geological research – Start and Geological research – Triangulation . You can either search for the points on your own or help you from the map below.

After these two contracts, rather than returning to the garage of the card present to remove the seismic vibrator module, I advise you to go immediately to the next Zimnegorsk card where another contract requires this module: Geological research . Again you can either search for the points on your own or use the map below to help you.

There is a final contract which requires the seismic module but it is not yet available. I therefore recommend that you leave the truck equipped with the seismic module on the Quarry map and choose a new truck from the garage on the Floodlands map. You can for example test with the Voron Grad, the Tayga or just buy another Azov 64131. Whichever truck you choose, equip it with a small loader crane, a low hitch, and all the new upgrades you unlocked on the Career map. Also buy a flatbed semi-trailer.

Step 3: Complete the area contracts

Then take the road back to the Career map and on the way, go through the warehouse to load 2 units of metal. Back on the Career map, use them to complete the task Clear the way .

Leave the semi-trailer for now and complete the contract Restore the service center . Then come back to hitch the trailer and complete the contract Redo stock . You can take the gooseneck trailer from the service center, but it is quite heavy and longer than the flatbed trailer.

Then take the truck equipped with the seismic module and complete the contract Repair the petro platform . Once you have done the first part of scanning, you can pick up this truck from the garage as you no longer need the seismic module. Then use your second truck with the flatbed semi-trailer to collect and deliver the requested cargo.

Step 4: Complete the tasks and challenges in the area

At the end location of the last contract, you can take the service trailer to complete the task Shady connection , then return to the fuel trailer to complete the task Oil sample . Then use the Tatarin to partially repair the truck for the task Get back on the right track then pull it out to fix it and refuel it completely. Refuel the Tatarin and head to the location of Lost in the woods . You will have just enough fuel to refuel the truck and unlock the AND 96320 . Take the DAN, refuel the Tatarin and collect the DAN in the garage.

Back in the Tatarin, complete the tasks In balance (it’s hidden on the north side of the map), Late inspection and Fiery teen , as well as the challenge Fire tower refueling . Using your all-terrain truck and semi-trailer, complete Arrangement and the challenges wrecks and Replenish fuel .

Before going to Zimnegorsk, activate the contract Warehouse renovation and collect fuel and concrete slabs with your off-road truck equipped with a semi-trailer.


By this point, you should have discovered 9 Watchtowers, unlocked 15 upgrades, and completed 44 Missions (14 Contracts + 23 Tasks + 7 Challenges). You can now go to Taimyr’s third map, Zimnegorsk.

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