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The following guide introduces you all the steps to follow, step by step, to complete 100% the Smithville Dam map in Michigan. So that means completing all missions, unlocking all achievements, and collecting all vehicles and upgrades. Of course, if you don’t want to spoil the game, I invite you not to read it.

Note that this guide is a translation of the excellent work done by -Stuart- on Reddit, whom I thank greatly for his work and for accepting that I translate it for the Francophone community of Snowrunner. You will find the original article at this address.


In the guide you will find suggestions for trucks to use. This choice is very subjective, ceveryone has their favorites. In this guide, we only use two main vehicles. However, you will accumulate a lot of money as you progress, so feel free to experiment. As a reminder, you can buy and then resell vehicles and upgrades for the same price. So you don’t lose anything by trying different vehicles.

While this guide is quite effective, it is not a speedrun. There are more efficient ways to complete areas 100%.

On the Smithville Dam map, we will discover the following:

Step 1: Success, more success

Before we start exploring this new map, let’s start by making several achievements. At the area truck store, redeem the Chevrolet CK1500 for $ 12,300. Customize it by changing the color to red then leave the garage. Return to the garage and take your Azov. Now go for it with your Chevrolet in the Azov’s fuel tank. The goal is to do more damage to the Azov’s fuel tank than to the Chevrolet’s engine. It may take several attempts, try with different angles and speeds. This will unlock your ninth achievement:

Following this, bring back the Azov and the Chevrolet on the Black River map through the tunnel. Get in the Chevrolet and run through anything until the engine is dead. Then tow the vehicle with the Azov to the Smithville Dam garage via the tunnel. This will allow you to unlock your tenth achievement:

Once back in your Smithville Dam garage, select the Chevrolet CK1500. Go to the customization part and buy the most expensive option in each category (if necessary do the same in the “cosmetic” part). The goal here is to purchase a total of $ 24,600 in options, which is double the vehicle’s original purchase price. By doing this you will then unlock your eleventh success:

Once you’ve completed the achievement, return to the Garage and resell each option purchased, including any unlocked ones that you didn’t need to purchase. In other words, make sure that there is no longer any “X1” in the options. Finish by selling the vehicle. All of this should be enough to unlock your twelfth achievement:

Step 2: Unlock the TUZ 420 scout

We will now be able to start exploring the map with the Azov or with any scout vehicle you wish to purchase. The problem is that the Smithville Dam has very narrow and very rough terrain where it is sometimes difficult to get to. In such a situation, wouldn’t it be ideal to have a Scout with an incredibly low center of gravity and tank-like capabilities? Luckily for us, there is a vehicle in the game that will meet our needs perfectly, but it will take some effort to unlock it.

Collect the Azov, keep it and go to the garage in the last area of ​​the game, Taimyr (Russia). Equip it with the Seismic Vibrator module and accept the contract Geological exploration . This contract doesn’t give you a specific destination – instead, you have to find them by observing the distance between you and the three target locations. You can also find the three specific locations on the map below:

The terrain is much more difficult than what we have had to cross so far, but the Azov will still do the job perfectly. The Seismic Vibrator mod makes the Azov quite heavy, so take it slow and use your winch when needed.